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On Monday, I went on the air and posted on Facebook an APB for the Batmobile.  I guess you could say I put out the "Batsignal".  AND IT WORKED! I have seen a Batmobile driving around Wichita a couple times now.  I am a huge fan of all things hot-rod and classic cars, as my Dad, Hank The Mechanic Sr., has owned his own body shop, and has restored numerous classic cars over the years. In addition, I have become friends with Daryl Starbird over the years, and once, during promotion of the Starbird Car Show when he had it, he brought in George Barris.  Barris is the one who created the Batmobile, as well as other very famous TV and Movie cars.  So I am a fan.  Big fan.  I found the owner of the Batmobile here in Wichita, and he also owns a couple other classics, including a GENERAL LEE!  So here's where we're at.  I am scheduled to talk to him this week, and then, we will get together so I can get some pictures and video to share with y'all.  I'm like a little kid waiting on Santa Claus!  


Here is a pic of the Wichita BATMOBILE!

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Wichita, KS

N at 8 mph

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