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Make some Garage Sale $$$!

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     Have YOU ever had a garage sale?  I have, and it's a hassle from hell.  It took a couple weeks just to get it put together!  Then, Thursday - Saturday, you gotta get up early, set things out, stay there all damn day, and then deal with cheapskates!  Ok, I'm a cheapskate too.  I learned from the best.  I remember going to a garage sale where my Grandpa talked em down from .25 cents down to a DIME! Anyway, by the time I was done with my sale, packed up the remaining crap and counted the money, IT SUCKED!  After fast food lunches, getting talked down on prices, we were bummed.  

     Today, I found a story on how you can have a better garage sale!  Placing your items in the right area, pricing stuff right, having a bake sale....  They say these tips WILL help!  Click HERE for the story.

Good Luck!

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