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Losing weight SUCKS.

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     But it can be done!  So last year, if you recall, I had a stroke.  I bounced back from it, thankfully, and now I have another problem I'm up against.  Weight gain. Basically, here's how it went...  I wasn't taking care of my diabetes, and I thought I was fine.  At the time this all began, I was going through my divorce, and I assumed my weight loss was the ole' "divorce diet".  Nope.  It basically was my body eating itself.  Now that I have my diabetes in check, and all my meds are where they should be, I re-inflated to where I would have been had I taken care of myself.  I completely hate this crap.  I saw a video I had been in about 1 year ago, and I was looking good.  I want to be there again.  I found a great weight loss story today, and with determination, I think I can do it.  It's hard, but I want to do it.  Click HERE to read the story, and see the inexpensive diet, of musician Papa Joe.



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