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Get RID of those DAMN FLIES!

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     I have a big bush at home, (huh-huh) and it sits right on the edge of the front porch.  It provides a great amount of privacy, great sun-block, but draws every freakin fly in the neighborhood!  Ive tried everything I could buy, including a bag of poop!  Yeah, I paid for a bag of poop!  This device, available at Ace Hardware, is a bag with a lid that has tapered holes on the top.  You put water in the bag, then place this mesh bag inside.  The mesh bag disentigrates in the warer revealing what looks like dirt. IT'S POOP!  It may work, but on a hot day, it stinks like, well..... POOP!  

     So today I came across this story that has great idea, that if works, will be much better than poop.  I hope.  Click HERE for this story, and other natural ways to be pest-free at your house.



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