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Get outta tha pool! THERE'S POOP IN THERE!

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     You ever hit the public pool, get a small itch on your body afterwards, and say... "'s the chlorine".  Uh, nope!  It's probably poop!  According to studies of pools in 2012, 58 percent of public pools contain poopie particles! NASTY!  Who doesn't clean up well after a good doo-doo and jumps in the pool?  Who poops in the pool? LORDY!  Keep it in the bathroom people!  Or don't feed your kids refried beans before the trip to the YMCA for a dip in the pool!  DAMN!  And don't pee in the pool!  I don't wanna swim in pee-crap stew! Grossed out?  THEN STOP!  HA! The only time I have ever pee'd in water is one time in ElDorado Lake.  It deserved it.  Keep it clean Wichita! Click HERE for the story, and click the pic for even more poop in the pool stories!


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