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BACON Hot Dogs?!?! WOW!!!!!

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     From my days as a kid to now, I love a good ole' hot dog.  Chili Dog, Cheese Dog, New York Dog, or plain ole ketchup & mustard dog...  I love em all!  And, there is even one hot dog that is no longer with us, R.I.P., and I want it back! Remember the "FRANK-N-STUFF"?  It was a regular beef dog with a stuffed with chili!  I WANT ONE AGAIN!!  Well, I'll have to see if this new dog on the block stands up... Oscar Mayer has come out with 5 new hot dogs, and 4 of em are plain ole' dogs.  Fat Free, Chicken, BLAH!  And the 5th flavor???  B A C O N! YES!  Bacon hot dogs!  They say they will be available just in time for Memorial Day weekend!  

Click HERE to read the bacon dog story, and enjoy the retro Frank-N-Stuff T.V. ad.  Also, since my favorite T.V. show is "How It's Made", I threw in the segment on how Hot Dogs are made!



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