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Where did "dead as a doornail" come from?

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     That "cliche" came from William Shakespeare!  He may have died in 1616, but he is responsible for over 3,000 words, and countless cliches that we still use today!  I know, you are probably wondering why I would write about Shakespeare, but I do love poetry and the English language, PLUS, today is Shakespeare's birthday!

     In Shakespeare's day, English grammar sucked. He decided to make it
better, and did!  
Expressions such as "with bated breath" and "a foregone conclusion" have found their way into our everyday English speech.  

     I have assembled a couple great links that range from his history, to his place in the English language.  He woule not be pleased if he saw the use of language today.  He would wonder what OMG was or ROFL, or other crap that gets tossed around.  He would say to himself, "WTF"??!!

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Shakespeare WIKI

Shakespeare's Influence on the English Language site 1

Shakespeare's Influence on the English Language site 2

Shakespeare's poetry






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