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Yea. It's tax day. Woo-hoo.

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     Oh boy.  Time to pay tha man buh-zillions of dollars.  Did you get em done?  I FREAKIN FORGOT! On Sunday the 14th, I woke up, turned on the morning news, and then made an audible scream followed by a loud "OH SH*T"!  I immediately jumped in the shower, grabbed all my stuff, and headed down to Liberty Tax at 13th & West. They have done my taxes for the past 6-7 years, and I'm sure by this point, they are used to my slow ass.  I got there at 9am, and they didn't open until 1pm!  So I went back at 12:15, to be in the front of the line, and they opened early for all of our late asses!  30 minutes later, I was out the door, and am now eagerly awaiting my refund.  

     I know, I know.  You're saying "refund, and you waited"?! Yeah, even though I'm getting a nice amount back, it's all gone when I get it. School tuition, a tiny vacation, summer fun for my daughter......  yep.  It's all gone already.  But I do it on purpose.  I don't have enough dicipline to save through the year, so I let the government do it for me.  Again, I know, I know. That is stupid.  Letting the govt spend my money, for free, on, and on, and on, and on.  Everyone loves getting money back.  It's a hell of a nice day when you get that refund.  And I'm gonna keep doing it.

     Hopefully you get, or have got yours done.  If not, get an extension!  You don't want do get thrown in the slammer!  Here are some great links about tax day, free things businesses are giving away, today only, for tax day.




Tax Day history

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