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Weird food addiction....

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     Years ago, my ex-wifes niece, at age 10-13, when I would hang with her, ate nothing but french fries. Ok, maybe she had cereal for breakfast, but lunch and dinner, you got it, french fries.  Then, at some point, she expanded her palate and added chicken nuggets into her diet.  Strange.  BUT, it happens more often than you would think!  Today, I ran across this....  a 18 year old girl in the UK has eaten nothing but Ramen Noodles for the past 13 years!  I don't mind some ramen every now and then, but non stop?  NO THANKS!  Click HERE for her story, and I also have some links on other food disorders.


Fast food as addictive as HEROINE!

This guy eats CHALK! - Discovery Channel "My Strange Addiction"

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