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Um, freakin weird.

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     Yeah.  People can be just that.  FREAKIN WEIRD!  Last night, I watched a show on TLC called "My Crazy Obsession".  The people on this show are BAT S**T CRAZY!  Here are a coule things i wittnessed.  A WIG obsessed lady, a lady with a huge, weird Mickey Mouse collection and obsession, a dude who build a replica of a Pan-Am airplane cabin in his garage, a wack-o that has a large collection of love dolls, and then there is this dude..... A MER-MAN! YEAH!  This damn guy wears a mermaid tail and swims around the ocean! SEE!  People are strange.  Click HERE for the "My Crazy Obsession" page, and click HERE for the MER-MAN story.  Lordy.



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