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Meteorite hits Russia!

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     Early this morning, as people were in school and headed off to work, a freakin meteorite, the size of a large bus, hit the small town of CHELYABINSKC, Russia, which is just east of Moscow.  WHAT?!?!  I would have completely filled my pants if I saw this happen! People were injured and buildings were badly damaged.  There is another large meteorite which will come close to earth TODAY!  But don't worry, scientists say we'll be fine.  It will not hit us.  So, worry? HELL YES!  At least I am!  I've seen too many movies!  I'm glad Bruce Willis is still around to save us! HA!  Click HERE to read the full story on today's Russian story and to see the pic gallery of shots from the meteorite falling to the earth.  It looked like they were getting bombed!  Scary!


-this is an actual picture of today's meteor....


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