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Valentines Day GONE WRONG!

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I got this in a email and thought y'all would like it.  Have a good V Day tomorrow, and BE CAREFUL!


In Portland, Oregon, a couple was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after an officer responded to a report of a naked woman bound in the back of a car with only duct tape covering her mouth.

Around 12:35 PM, officers received a call that a naked woman had been gagged and tied-up in the back of a blue Subaru Legacy. When the man driving the car “seemed hazy,” according to Sargent Pete Simpson, the man explained that the two were “just having some fun.”

According to Fox News, at least nine police cars were looking for the suspects vehicle around the area and after they eventually found the car, they spotted a man walking away and found the naked woman in the back of the vehicle.

Nikolas Harbar, 31, told police that he and his 26 year-old girlfriend, Stephanie Pelzner were acting out some role play fantasies for Valentine’s Day. Pekzner agreed, saying she was a willing participant in this odd act.

Police, having no way of knowing the real story behind this incident, arrested the couple on charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree and the two were taken to the Multnomah County Jail.

Sargent Simpson said, “You can’t do things that are going to create a public alarm. When it starts to affect other people and the public, something like this is not okay. Role-play all you want. But when you do something that is going to generate a 911 call, you should probably do it at home.” 



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