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XXX pix gone wrong!

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     So how many times has your girlfriend sent you naked pictures of herself?  C'mon, we all have recieved some of these pix, and most of the time they come to us after a whole lot of begging and coaxing.  It's true.  Hell, I've done it.  HA!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because two people in love are having fun!  

     Well, have you ever broke up with that chick, then shown your friends the old pictures she sent ya?   I have never done that, but I have been on the recieving end of a few phones being handed to me with some great pix!  That is not very nice, but it happens.

     Things went a little too far in Texas, as pix like that were uploaded to a "girlfriend revenge" website, now the girls are pissed.... ans suing!  Click HERE for the news story.  Remember, as much as you would love to blast your ex on one of these sites, don't do it.  It's horrible, and could land you in a heap of trouble!  



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