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     I have found myself as a one-use guy so far with my iPad.  I had thought my days would be filled with a wide assortment of helpful, entertaining, productive apps.  Um, well, it seems to be primarialy used as a video game iPad.  HA!  I have asked you to send me apps that you really love, and the vast majority seems to be GAMES.  I'm not complaining!  I love to play, but sometimes a couple hours can go by before I get my ass up from the couch!  

     This week, I wanna show you my current favorite.  It's called STUPID ZOMBIES.  This ine is free, and it's available for most all platforms.  Have fun shooting zombies and in some levels you can even throw bombs!  It may seem easy at first, but as the levels progress, it gerts more challenging.


Stupid Zombies for IPHONE/IPAD

Stupid Zombies for ANDROID

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