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You a Pool player?

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     I'm not talking pocket pool either.  I'm talkin' good ole' American,slate-top, green felt, manly pool! When I was in my late teens in Hutch, I thought I was a bad-ass pool player.  My friends and I had our own sticks, bags, accessories, and we kicked ass.  Or at least we thought.  I even joined a weekly pool league. Granted, our team won, but not due to any fancy stick work from Hank.  

     Although I'm decent at the game, there is always room for improvement.  I watched this video and thought I would share it with ya.  This pool shark gives you some simple instruction that's gonna help you tremendously!  

     Good luck, and remember....  good pool playing = getting laid!  At least that's what they say in this video.  That's weird.  That never happened to me.  Huh.


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