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     Ok, I'm bitchin' again.  I am sick and tired of people NOT going the speed limit!  It's weird!  Usually, people speed, but for the past 6 months or so, people are going under.  UGH!  The best road/highway in Wichita?  235.  I never encounter bad or slow drivers on 235.  Now, 35?  AHHHH!  Speed up, stay left, something!  And my drive home takes me down Seneca every day. From Kellogg to Pawnee, it's slow goin on a daily basis.  I don't drive aggressive, but yesterday I was almost forced to.  I was on my way to a live broadcast, going down Seneca, and this older lady was doing 25mph.  Yeah. SENECA IS 40MPH!  I was a car legnth behind her, people behind ME were honking thinking I was slow, so I simply went around her once I was able to. SHE STARTED YELLING AT ME AND SWINGING HER ARMS LIKE I HAD A PROBLEM!!!!  This is CRAP!  Slow drivers can not only be irritating, but can cause accidents!  Please Wichita, drive the speed limit when you can.



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Scattered Clouds
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