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CES Time!

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     Through tomorrow, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas.  What is the CES? It's the annual "unveiling" of the new gadgets for the year.  Things are presented to the world at this time, and manufacturers hope that what they unveil will be the "next big thing".  Missing from the show this year is Apple.  They feel products get lost in the shuffle at this show, so they're gonna stick with stand-alone, away from the CES, product launches.  

     So, what's new this year from everyone else?  Click the picture below to get to the CES official website, and dig in!  I know a bunch of you, like me, really drool over electronic gadgets.  One day, I wanna head to this show and get in the electronics action!

     As a reminder, keep emailing me names of cool apps you use on your tablets or iPad/iPhones!  email em' to


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