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     So I've told you about my Christmas present that was a big hit with me.  If you haven't heard, cuz it's big news, Andrea bought an iPad Mini for me!  IT'S BADASS!  She told me last night she thought it was money well spent, but now she says she shouldn't have got it because I love IT more than HER!  Ok, I'll admit, I do love the iPad Mini, but I DO love Andrea MORE.  Just to clarify. HA!  

     So I want your assistance with Apps.  What are the popular, awesome apps you have on your tablets or iPads?  I want to feature them here in my blog weekly.  I'm gonna call it "APP CHAT" and you'll always be able to peek in my blog, find the ones titled APP CHAT, then check it out!  I will credit you for sending me App titles, and I will also post reviews if you want to write one about the app you send!  

     So get to it, start sending me titles of apps, paid for or free apps, and let's have some fun!  Email me at:  

     Today, I wanna get things started with a game.  It's my biggest time killer. If you liked Bejeweled, your gonna love CANDY CRUSH!  It's free, but if you wanna get extra moves, or game boosters, they cost.  And the prices range from .99 cents up to $24.99.  I may get a few .99 cent level "helps" but I'm not gonna spend 25 bucks.  Crazy.  But this game is fun, and is available for Android and iPhone/iPad. Oh, and I'm on level 34 right now!

Have fun!


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