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Starting 2013 like ME?

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     Yeah. Christmas spending started for me back in September. At the time, you concern yourself with your gift list and then seem to forget about the other annual end-of-year items! Well, at least that's what happened to me! Vehicle tags & taxes, medical bills, oh, and a replacement hot water heater. AHHHH! That has definately put me in a "spend wisely" mode for the first few months of 2013.

      This isn't a unique story. The same is happening to many Americans here and across the country. Many are wondering how they can come up with ways to make a little extra dough.  Just be wise with your money and know when and when NOT to whip out your wallet.

      2013 is gonna be a great year, and since the Myans didn't get us, we have to be responsible for our finances. Man. HA! Good Luck and enjoy the bologna sandwiches! I sure will be!


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