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Get ya some of THIS for Thanksgiving!

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     I LOVE chowin down on Thanksgiving!  I grew up in a Mexican household, so our dinner consisted of the traditional items, but in addition, we had big pots of beans, rice, and other awesome mexican food treats!  Nothin beats wrappin up some hot fresh turkey in Grandma's homeade tortillas. MMMMMM!!!! This is our first Thanksgiving with Grandma gone, so I'm gonna miss her, and her homeade food. Man.  

     Now when it came dessert time, she made the best cranberry relish I have EVER had!  It was freakin awesome!  We all loved to pile it in, then just veg in the front room watching TV until we either fell asleep, or went back for more.  

     So every year, new items pop up in ads or in your grocery store for the big holiday meal.  In an effort to change the "same-ole. same-ole", check THIS out!  This may look like a turkey in it's shape, but what is it?  It's not meat, or a to-furkey.  So what is this bird shaped treat?  Click the picture to find out.



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