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Wedding Reception NIGHTMARE!

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     I have been DJ'ing Wedding Receptions for 15+ years, and have NEVER seen anything like this!  I have only seen a couple of fights, but they were between extremely drunk fellas who got pissed someone dare ask their woman to dance.  Jeez.  Oh, and only once did I see a Bride & Groom verbally duke it out.  The groom was extremely pissed that his bride got cake on his tux. HOW DARE HER! Again, Jeez.  That escelated throughout the evening to a drunken argument resulting in the bride telling him to F**K OFF, and leaving. Never did hear how they are doing.  HA!  Anyway, this is a sad news story due to a family member dying as a result, but the stupidity of wedding reception fights shines through.  Click HERE to check it out.


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