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Tommy Lee turns 50!

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     So is that 350 years old in dog years?  HAHAHA!!  WOW!  It doesn't seem like that bad-ass rocker is 50, but it's the real deal!  I'll always remember years ago at the Kansas Coliseum, Motley Crue was in concert, and before the show started I was on-stage preforming a wedding ceremony.  From the side of the stage, I heard someone shout.... "would y'all shut tha F**K UP!  I'm trying to watch this wedding!"  I looked over, and it was Tommy Lee!  He was yelling at road crew, and his incredibly drunk girlfriend, Tara Reid! That was a cool moment.  Tommy Lee was watching ME!  CRAZY!  Happy Birthday Tommy!


Check out this great story about Tommy Lee and his Tattoos!  And click the pic to head to Motley Crue's website.

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