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Hank is BACK! My story...

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Hey all!  

     First, thanks a MILLION for the kind words this week!  I knew y'all cared, but DAMN!  In case you didn't hear my story, here it goes....

     On Saturday the 11th, I was at home preparing to head to the store.  I stepped into the bathroom for some quiet, video-game time, and it happened.  My leg was asleep!  It's happened before, but this time, my arm was in the same situation.  I then started feeling reallllly weird!  It occured to me that maybe I was having a stroke.  I told Andrea to get me some asprin and call 911.  She did, and within 30 minutes, I was in the E.R. at St. Francis.  

     After my 4 day stay, I indeed had a small stroke.  And the good news was that my arteries and heart seem to be ok.  

     Thanks to the wonderful staff at St. Francis for the way they treated me, and took care of my needs. Let me tell ya....  this scared the S**T out of me!  With a proper diet, and a watchful eye on my blood pressure and sugar level, it's as if I got a second chance at life!  

     Let me tell you this.  If you're a parent, please take care of yourself.  Well, you ALL should take care!!! But, for me, one of the most hurtful parts of this whole thing was to see my Daughter, Gabby's eyes and emotions when the medics were there to get me.  I will always see that.  It is the worst feeling ever.  

     PLEASE get your blood pressure checked!  Do it for the ones you love.  DO IT FOR YOU!

     Now, to thanks my home crew.  My Fiance, Andrea, and Daughter, Gabby, ROCK!  Andrea's at home nursing is AWESOME!  From cooking some awesome, healthy grub,  to the most unconditional love ever, she is my Angel. And Gabby's love at 10 years old, is greater than most peoples, EVER.  I have the best family, friends, and all of you out there that listen every day.  

     You all are the greatest part of my life.










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