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     I'm about sick of all the road rage I've been seeing lately.  STOP!  What is it? The heat driving you crazy?  Just today on the way in to the station, an innocent lady made an accidental lane change in front of a car coming down the same lane.  The other car was at least 100 feet away from hitting her, so what did that jackass do?  SPEED UP to scare her!  Really?  And you have never made any sort of bone-head move in your car?  Sure.  To make it worse, as the lady proceeded to make her turn, the other guy sped-up and passed her on the shoulder, flipped her off, and about side swiped her!  C'MON MAN!  Sure, I get pissed at other drivers too sometimes, but I don't try to run them off the road or flip them off!  RELAX PEOPLE!  You at one point or another have done some stupid stuff on the road.  


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