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     Raise your hand if you love comedy!  I see a ton of hands!  I love to laugh, and I love it even more to make people laugh!  Since I was a kid, I was the class funny guy.  Yep.  That was me.  Didn't go over so well in K-3 since my Mom was the school librarian.  Well, look at me now!  That "funny bone" gave me what I needed to be in this business!  I love to check out live comedy every chance I get, too.  The Loony Bin is my home away from home.  I remember a comedy club in Hutch we used to sneak into, and I think it was called Charlies.  

     So who is your favorite comedian?  I have so many, it's really hard to point just one out.  I found a great site that has almost every comedian out there listed, along with some of their jokes, links, and more. Click HERE to see it.  Also, Every Thursday I interview the weekly headliner from the Loony Bin.  See the videos weekly on the main page here at, or click HERE to jump right to it!

Laughter IS the best medicine!




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