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     MMMMMM........  grilling!  I love to cook-out!  I am the KING of my backyard! Don't touch my meat!  Oh, wait.  I mean the meat on the grill.  That sounded bad.  HA!  After hangin out at Ribfest this past weekend, I got some good tips from the Pro's that I am gonna put to good use!  I can grill like a bad-ass, but I couldn't suck enought when it comes to the smoker.  I have one, but its covered in dust and bad memories from the one and only time I uesd it. However, I'm gonna give it another shot this weekend.  I figure if I kill the meat in the smoker, we'll have a nice burial for it.  After all, it's Memorial weekend, right!  Bad joke.  HERE is a website I visit from time to time for some good grillin' recepies. Hope you have a great weekend, and good grilling!  



     Check out this grill I found online.  This is the coolest grill EVER!  Do you have a cool grill you'd like to show off?  Take a picture and email it to me.  I'll post it up if you send it!


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