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     On May 9th, we are bringin' ya Five Finger Death Punch with Trivium, and In This Moment.  Several years ago, In This Moment opened for Ozzy at the Kansas Coliseum.  I had the pleasure of driving them around town, running them on a couple errands.  They were extremely nice, not to mention that the lead singer, Maria Brink, is SMOKIN HOT!  

     About 8 months later, Junior (of T95 fame) and I were out screwin around, and as we were driving down W. Kellogg, Junior spotted a tour bus in the Sams Club parking lot..  There were some people getting out of it, and Junior sez.. "Hey, It's In This Moment!!!"  I was like, "yeah, whatever".  We flipped around, and SURE ENOUGH!  It was them!  Even though we felt like stalker fans, we got out and headed towards them.  I had it in my head to explain to them who we were, the past show, the fact I drove them around, etc.  Bit I didn't have to!  They shouted out, "Hank", "Junior"!  Bad-ass.  Well, we asked what they were doing back in Wichita, and turns out they were just passing through for a show in Salina of all places.  We hung out and BS'd for a few, then split.  How cool is that?!  For a band to remember you, AND your name.... Priceless.  

     Well, In This Moment has a couple new members, a new album, and Maria is still HOT AS HELL!  Check out all the ITM scoop HERE.  

     See ya at the 5FDP show May 9th at The Cotillion Ballroom (click to buy tix).  And who knows, maybe she'll still remember me!





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