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Vernal Equinox tricks?

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So I just got a picture text from Andrea of her broom at the Salon standing up all by itself.  (see below) I asked what the hell was going on, she said it's the vernal equinox balance trick.  So, I had to look this up.  There are tons of pictures and videos of people balancing brooms and raw eggs during the equinox.  Depending on what you read, there is a varying window of time where the earth and sun align just right, allowing the gravitational pull of the planet to....... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Whatever!  It's just cool.  So check it out, try it for yourself, and shhot me a picture of what you've balanced to, and I'll post em here in my blog.



Good luck!


Andrea's broom....


Check out this egg balance video....


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