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Hank's public apology to.... the Mailman.

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 Well, here it goes.  Mr. Unknown Mailman, I am sorry for yelling at you,  and being an ass.  LET ME EXPLAIN!  It was a case of mistaken identity!  So the other day, we all pulled up in our driveway, and a couple houses over was the Mailman.  It wasn't our usual guy.  Our mail usually arrives at 3ish.  It was 5pm.  As I looked at him, I said to Gabby, "Hey, Look, It's Robert!"  Robert is the former Boyfriend of our friend who we've known since Gabby was a baby.  We haven't seen Robert for a while, and I knew he is a Mailman.  Thinking it was him, I told Gabby I was gonna mess with him!  With my head held down low, I snuck around the side of the truck and said....  "JEEZ!  YOUR SLOW ASS IS JUST GETTING THE MAIL HERE?  WHATS THE DEAL, YOU NEED TO STEP IT UP!"  As I looked up, it wasn't Robert.  It was his doppelganger, look-alike, brother from another Mother.  I felt horrible.  The Mailman wasn't havin' it. He replied.... "You try luggin this heavy bag around, and walking this route!"  Again, I felt like a d-bag.  I tried to explain the situation, even add some laughs in to cover.  Nothin.  So Mr. nice Mailman, I'm sorry.  I hope this message of goodwill gets delivered to you, First-Class.



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