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Yep, that's right, Josey has bailed out of Saliva, and a replacement singer has been named.  MAN!  So what's the deal?  Let me give you a brief, semi non-incriminating background of what I've seen over the years......  Years ago when Saliva came to Wichita, all the guys were your normal, party-animal rockstars.  As time went on, things got crazy.  I personally saw things that would make Dr. Drew cry.  Regardless, the show went on.  And at one point, the guys all said enough is enough, and went to rehab.  It's your traditional rock-star story.  Josey had his back n forth bouts with things, and now, he's proud to say he's clean and sober.  Josey has now found God.  And ya know what?  That's perfectly fine.  You need that in your life, more power to you.  But, Josey must have felt being in Saliva would have pulled him back into the rockstar abyss.  Thats why Josey decided to leave the band and pursue a career in Christian music.  Yep.  I wish Mr. Scott the best.  And as far as Saliva goes, good luck fellas.  They have announced that  Bobby Amaru is their new lead singer.  He fronted his own band, Amaru, and was the drummer in a band called Burn Season.  Wanna hear what he sounds like, watch this video......  



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