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Time for a new cell phone?

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So,  I have been a Cricket customer for as long as they have been in Wichita.  That's 10 years now! I've seen my fair share of phones, but I am now a true Android addict!  And by the way, Cricket has a new LG Android phone out called the Optimus C!  Check it out and other Cricket phones HERE!  Well, since I'm in radio, I'm also a music junkie.  Cricket has come out with a new phone that satisfies your music cravings!  It's the Muve Music phone, and with this phone, you have access to literally MILLIONS of songs available for download right to your phone!  I've been using it for a few weeks now, and it is SWEET!  Straight out of the box, you can download anything you want!  You don't have to register online, fill anything out or any hassles at all!  This phone also has a bad-ass camera, you get text, nationwide roaming, web, EVERYTHING!  And you get it all for only $55.00 a month!  That's crazy!  Check out these cool videos, then follow this LINK to get all the details on the Cricket website. 



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