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Boxers or Breifs?

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Ok, this may sound weird, or maybe even too much information, but I am a changed man!  After a whole life spent wearing what most call whitey-tidy's, I have made the switch to boxers!  While this may be no big deal to you, let me tell ya.....  I've been missing out!  I own 2 pair of boxers and have had them for a couple years now.  I wear them as shorts when I loinge around the house.  When I first got them, I wore them to work one day, and what a mess!  They got twisted up in my pants, would be bunched up and stress out the boys!  Turns out they were waaaay to big! That experience is what ruined me on the whole boxer revolution.  Well, Andrea came home with a couple pair of Fruit Of The Loom boxers the other day, and as to not hurt her feelings, I jammed on a pair and WOW!  I was amazed at how good they fit, and even plan on totally replacing all the briefs with boxers!  Plus, the fact they are all dark colors helps if you know what I mean!  HAHAHA!!  Is that why they have Boxing Day in Canada?  Hell, I'll be celebrating right with them!


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