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Gettin' screwed in the drive through...

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     Are we fine with getting the shaft in the drive-through lane?  I'm sick of it!  We try to eat at home as much as possible, but it is inevitable we will hit the drive-through for some fast food a couple times a week. 

     Well, I have a couple doozies.  These, by the way, are all at Pawnee & Seneca.  I don't wanna mention them by name, but The first story comes from a place that sells burgers, nuggets, and other items.  I don't know their annual sales, but I would imagine they have sold billions.  Ok.  I ordered 3 things.  -Double cheeseburger, Hamburger kid's meal, and a "nugget" kids meal.  The woman at the speaker attemped to read my order back, but because of her extremely broken english, I think I heard my order correctly.  So I drive up, pay, and proceed to get my order at the last window.  The hamburger kid's meal wasn't there.  I asked why, and I got a pissed off look from the dude, as to suggest I'm an idiot for even bothering them.  He got the Manager and she came up to the window with a bigger attitude, and asked me what was wrong.  I told her, she looked at my reciept, and showed me it wasn't there to begin with.  When I told her I was sorry, but I couldn't understand the woman at the speaker, she snapped at me and said "sorry, you'll just have to drive around and make another order".  That pissed me off, and I calmly asked why couldn't I just do it now, and she turned to the guy at the window and told him to "jeez, just give it to him".  F.U!!!!  I got my food, but in the process, was treated like an ass for even coming there to begin with.  Oh, I called the corporate number to complain, left my name and number, and they didn't call me back.

     And for my final fast-food rant, I was in the mood for some "mexican" food if you wanna call it that, and I went to a place just down the street from the previous incident, to get some border classics.  I thought I would try their new steak burrito.  I order, pay, get my burrito, and before I exited the lot, I unwrapped that beast to take a bite.  I bit in, and to my surprise, I bit into chunks of beefy ice!  Yeah, the meat was FROZEN!  I whipped back through the drive through, and when I told the lady, she said that was impossible.  (note, I will say, she was very friendly and helpful)  She stuck her finger in it and felt the ice and said she couldn't understand how that could possibly happen.  LIKE I CARRY AROUND FROZEN F'N STEAK IN MY DAMN CAR!  Anyway, they made me a fresh one that wasn't frozen and I was on my way.  And it was good.  So good that I went to the same location a couple days later and ordered the same exact thing, but the bigger one.  Let's call it a "quad".  I always order my burritos from there with NO SAUCE.  I didn't see "no sauce" on the screen at the drive through, and repeated "I don't want any sauce".  She said she was sorry and told me to hang on while she told them.  She was also dealing with a woman at her window with a complicated order.  She came back to me, repeated my order, and I said, "no sauce, right"?  She agreed for the third time, and I paid, got my burrito, and like a dumbass, didn't open it until I got home.  Guess what?  F'N SAUCE!  Tried to call that store, and no answer.

     What do we have to do to fix this?  Why do we get treated like shit for visiting their restraunts?  I bet the franchisee's don't know this happens.  They have numbers posted at the windows, so we all need to make a effort to complain or this will never change.

     I would also like to say that I am proud to be half Mexican and German.  I know, weird combo.  Anyway, I am proud of my heritage.  However, The drive-through is the front line of the restraunt.  Whoever is working the microphone should have a decent grasp of the english language.


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