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Cyber Monday and more!

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     How did your "Black Friday" shopping go?  Fortunately for me, ALL of our Christmas shopping is completely done!  I thought about getting up early and getting a couple extra things, but that is a avoidable nightmare, so I stayed in and just surfed the web for deals.  I'm glad I did, because I saw the nutty store lines on the news!  However, I thought I would do a quick run in & out at Kmart on my way into the station at 9am, and JEEZ!  Every checkout lane was still 20 people deep, and I bet I would have been in the checkout lane well over an hour.  Screw that! 

     Well, today is "Cyber Monday" and there seems to be some pretty good deals goin' on!  Cyber Monday was started about 5 years ago, and it now makes up a huge slice of retailers profits for the season.  Without sounding too much like a commercial, I endorse Cricket Wireless on the air, and I am so freakin' happy with my new Android phone!  They have a great Cyber Monday sale going on right now too!  You can get a Android phone for only $109.00!  Everyone else's Droid plans get really expensive, but Cricket has unlimited everything for Droids at only $55.00 a month and NO CONTRACTS!!  I am addicted to Angry Birds!  For such a simple game, them damn birds have kept me awake in bed for hours!  Check out the Droid and other Cricket phone deals here.

     In other news, listen to T95 all this week for a ton of tickets!  here is the list of stuff we are giving away this week....

  • Kid Rock win-it-before-you-buy-it tickets for the Feb. 1st show at Intrust
  • TSO tickets for the show Dec 15th at Intrust
  • Wichita Thunder tickets for this Friday's game at Intrust
  • Not-So-Silent Night tockets with HELLYEAH Dec 9th at The Cotillion
  • Tickets to _______.  Listen today to Rick Thomas for another concert announcement and tickets!

Talk to ya soon!


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