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America's Funniest Video by... Metallica?

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METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT Accidentally kicks a little kid off the stage!
Another clip has been posted online of a METALLICA concert that took place in Sydney, Australia last Thursday (November 11), where guitarist Kirk Hammett is seen kicking a large black balloon that accidentally smacks into a small child standing onstage and sends the child flying several feet into the audience. At first it was reported that the little one was James Hetfield's son.  But not the case.  The child was apparently the daughter of either METALLICA's production or tour manager.  The child was not injured, so it makes it easier to watch!  The band's management said they plan on contacting Tom Bergeron at America's Funniest Home Video's to see if they could score $10,000.  Ok, I made that last part up.  HAHAHAHA!!

Here is the video of the "incident"



In other Metallica music news.........

-Metallica's current run through Australia and New Zealand will complete the two-year touring cycle behind the band's 2008 album, "Death Magnetic".

-The band has just released a second live EP, titled "Six Feet Under, Part II", as a follow-up to the eight-song EP it issued just prior to the band's current tour of Australia and New Zealand.

-Metallica will also release a nine-track live EP recorded in Nashville, titled "Live At Grimey's", on November 26.




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