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    OOOOOH YEAH!!!! It's that time of year. Time for the snow and cold to go away, and time for the S.I. swimsuit hotties! I'll keep it short, because pictures in this case, speak louder than words. HA! So here ya go.... I have assembled some great links, and this great Kate Upton video for y'all today.

  • Meteorite hits Russia!

    Early this morning, as people were in school and headed off to work, a freakin meteorite, the size of a large bus, hit the small town of CHELYABINSKC, Russia, which is just east of Moscow. WHAT?!?! I would have completely filled my pants if I saw this happen! People were injured and buildings were badly damaged. There is another large meteorite which will come close to earth TODAY! But don't worry, scientists say we'll be fine. It will not hit us. So, worry? HELL YES! At least I am! I've seen too many movies! I'm glad Bruce Willis is still around to save us! HA! Click HERE to read the full story on today's Russian story and to see the pic gallery of shots from the meteorite falling to the earth. It looked like they were getting bombed! Scary!

  • Valentines Day GONE WRONG!

    I got this in a email and thought y'all would like it. Have a good V Day tomorrow, and BE CAREFUL!


    The partyin' begins TODAY in New Orleans! Well, continues I guess, after the Superbowl! I have been there one time, and it was a BLAST! We got hammered! And by "hammered". I my damn pants fell off in the lobby of the hotel in front of everyone! fun. The only thing I didn't like was the damn humidity. But after a few drinks, nobody cared, or knew, how sweaty you were. And the flashing was awesome! Never got tired of that! Check out the links I have for ya today about the history and stuff happening this year for MARDI GRAS!

  • V-Day LINGERIE guide!

    WOO-HOO! Valentines Day is this Thursday. Have you got all your plans lined up yet? Ya better have! To put the "icing" on the cake, how about topping it off with some sexy lingerie? YEAH! Oh, but wait. What to buy? What color? AND WHAT SIZE?! Ya sure don't wanna screw that up! Click HERE for a man's guide to lingerie for Valentines Day.

  • It's national GIRL SCOUT COOKIE DAY!

    So how many boxes have you bought so far? I have already purchased 10 boxes! BUT WAIT?! Isn't Hank diabetic? YEAH! THIS IS B.S.! HA! Every year, I get little girls and their mommies batting their eyes at me and everyone else at work to buy cookies. It works every time. And this year, there's no ordering and waiting! These little cookie pushers have stock on hand, to give ya your fix immediately! But ya know, we all love em', and at least I take all the boxes home and may sneak one or two. THAT'S IT! Promise. Click HERE (or the pic) for the official Girl Scout website. Oh, and my favorite? I'm a purist and stick with the good-ole' peanut butter patties. MMMMMM!!!!

  • World's FATTEST man loses some weight!

    And the poor guy is still a big fella! He lost almost 650 pounds and is still pushin 350lbs! I thought I had it bad! HA! I saw this story, and then realized that with hard work, I can do it! I tell myself this all the time, and I't a simple plan to lose weight, but damn it's just hard. Click HERE for the story, and hopefully it will give you some inspiration.


    The USPS just announced there will be NO MORE mail delivery on Saturdays. WHY? Well, as we have developed in the technology world, our need for paper mail has gone way down. Email has taken the lead, and so the USPS has lost a TON of money. This is their way of adapting with the times, and trying to slow down the money bleeding.

  • What do YOU do with your empty beer bottles?

    Ya just throw your empty beer bottles away and don't even think about it, right? Well, a couple in Henderson, Nevada took 500,000 empty beer bottles, and made an incredible HOUSE! This house isn't what you probably think it looks like. They didn't glue bottles tohether and stack em up. They ground em up, and made the "stone" to construct it. This place is damn cool! Click HERE to see the pix and the story. Keep drinkin up and saving your bottles! Maybe you could at least build a new man cave or something!

  • Big Game RECAP

    What a great game! Baltimore pulled it off, Beyonce flashed a secret, world domination hand sign, and, WAIT, WHAT? Yeah, during her preformance, she made a symbol with her hands, and now every conspiracy theory wacko is thinking that's what she did. As far as the commercials, I personally didn't see anything that really made an impression. And a 34 minute blackout? Maybe it's because Beyonce threw out the "symbol" and the Illuminati flipped the light switch. Uh, ok.


    Yuck. I am on a big stinkin diet right now, and it sucks. Did I mention it sucks? HA! There are always a bunch of studies that come out every year that is aimed at helping people deal with dieting. This new study shows that it not necessaraily WHAT you eat, mut WHEN you eat it! After reading this story, it actually seems to make a little sense. Like I said, and always have said, dieting sucks. But, I hope to reach my goal, AND keep it off. That's the hard part. Click HERE for the story.

  • Why is KISS.... KISS??

    KISS, this week, is celebrating 40 YEARS! MAN! I've always wondered, why or how, did KISS come to wearing makeup and crazy costumes? Well, in a recent interview, Gene Simmons explains all. Click HERE to read the interview, and see some cool videos. There's also some other cool KISS links below.

  • Happy Birthday to KANSAS!

    Our STATE, not the band. HA! Yeah, today, Kansas is 152 years old! The 34th state in the union, Kansas has a lot of fun trivia! Our great state has a bunch of things to do that you may have not known about! Click the links below to discover things about... KANSAS!

  • Do YOU have money out there?!

    I came across this today, and am keeping my fingers crossed! Every year, American's DON'T claim money they have out there! It's not because they don't want it, it's because it's either not known about, address changed, or a ton of different reasons. Well, check out this story today, and see a bunch of links you can go to that will tell you if you have any unclaimed money. If you find any, SHARE! I'm the one who let ya in on this! HA! Click HERE.

  • XXX pix gone wrong!

    So how many times has your girlfriend sent you naked pictures of herself? C'mon, we all have recieved some of these pix, and most of the time they come to us after a whole lot of begging and coaxing. It's true. Hell, I've done it. HA!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because two people in love are having fun!

  • AIR powered car?!

    The wacky French people at Peugeot Citroen have developed a car that runs on freakin AIR! At high speeds, the car runs on gasoline with the small engine. Then when the car dips down to 43mph or less, it runs on AIR! They say the average driver of this car would get 141 miles A GALLON! WTF?!

  • APP Chat!

    I have found myself as a one-use guy so far with my iPad. I had thought my days would be filled with a wide assortment of helpful, entertaining, productive apps. Um, well, it seems to be primarialy used as a video game iPad. HA! I have asked you to send me apps that you really love, and the vast majority seems to be GAMES. I'm not complaining! I love to play, but sometimes a couple hours can go by before I get my ass up from the couch!

  • NEW stuff for your "SMART" home

    As you may have gathered, I am a electronics gadget junkie. I LOVE the newest, latest electronic stuff, whether it's for my mobile dj service, my personal use, or whatever. Well, now, some of these gadgets have made their way into my home. I have integrated my ipad and my iphone to my home entertainment. It's awesome. NOW, the Consumer Electronics Show has shown us new items for your home and more. From digital screen washing machines to wireless electric blenders, these new items are sweet! Click HERE for the list of the latest greatest.

  • Today is a BIG day!

    Today, President Obama is inaugurated into his second term, and it's MLK day. Whether you like the President or not, we continue to grow as Americans and live in a wonderful country. We are FREE. We are becoming more integrated as a people. And the steps Martin Luther King took to spark equality shows more and more every day. Below are several links dedicated to todays events and history.

  • You a Pool player?

    I'm not talking pocket pool either. I'm talkin' good ole' American,slate-top, green felt, manly pool! When I was in my late teens in Hutch, I thought I was a bad-ass pool player. My friends and I had our own sticks, bags, accessories, and we kicked ass. Or at least we thought. I even joined a weekly pool league. Granted, our team won, but not due to any fancy stick work from Hank.

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