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    MMMMMM........ grilling! I love to cook-out! I am the KING of my backyard! Don't touch my meat! Oh, wait. I mean the meat on the grill. That sounded bad. HA! After hangin out at Ribfest this past weekend, I got some good tips from the Pro's that I am gonna put to good use! I can grill like a bad-ass, but I couldn't suck enought when it comes to the smoker. I have one, but its covered in dust and bad memories from the one and only time I uesd it. However, I'm gonna give it another shot this weekend. I figure if I kill the meat in the smoker, we'll have a nice burial for it. After all, it's Memorial weekend, right! Bad joke. HERE is a website I visit from time to time for some good grillin' recepies. Hope you have a great weekend, and good grilling!

  • Hot Bikini Babes.... and DOG POOP? WTF?

    So in my daily "internet research", I was in a mood to search for hot chicks in bikini's. I know, It's a tough job... Anyway, I was on YouTube, and I found the weirdest video. Sure, I found hot bikini babes, but it's a bizarre ad for a pouch you wear like a fanny pack, and it's full of dog poop pick-up bags! Uh, ok. At any rate, there are hotties, in bikini's, on the beach! You won't even know there is a dog in the video! HAHA!

  • Jesus in my ham sandwich!?

    HAHA!! Surely you've seen one of these pictures. Jesus, Virgin Mary, Mother Theresa...... appearing in everything from toast to beef jerky. If you aren't sure what I mean, I stumbled across a website that has several examples of Holy Food! Click HERE to check it out!

  • Tom Cruise.... ROCKSTAR?

    Yeah, sounds weird, right? Well, that's exactly what's happenin'! Kind of. Tom pulls out his inner rockstardom for his role in the upcoming movie, "Rock Of Ages". Yahoo!'s OMG has the full story. Click HERE to read all about it, and see his cover pic for W magazine. You can also check out the official "Rock Of Ages" website HERE.

  • Scott Weiland & Velvet Revolver BACK?

    STP singer Scott Weiland has revealed to ABC news that he has reunited with VELVET REVOLVER and is back making new music with the band. "We've all grown a lot," explains Weiland. "We're able to put egos and differences and old… conflicts aside and so that's really cool."

  • FUN facts about MONEY!

    With the T95 Over / Under game in full swing, I thought I would find some fun facts about money, and boy, did I! Click HERE to read all the crazy facts! Have a great weekend, and the money continues Monday morning, on T95!

  • Month Of MAYhem Party!

    MAN! Last night's show was freakin SWEET! If you've never seen POP EVIL live, you're really missing out! Aside from being really cool guys, their show was sweet!

  • Concert time TONIGHT!

    Tonight, Theory Of A Deadman and POP EVIL at The Cotillion! Doors open at 6:30, and there are still some tickets left! It's gonna be one hell of a show!


    The kickoff to T95's Month Of MAYhem is tonight with Hellyeah & Clutch at The Cotillion Ballroom! Need to get a ticket for tonights show, click HERE to get right to The Cotillion's site and get em'! To get ya pumped up for the show, here's some bad-ass videos!

  • It's almost time for.... BATMAN!

    The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20th, and I will be one of the first Batman freaks in line! Since I was a kid, Batman has always been one of my guilty pleasures. From the good ole' days gone by of Adam West and Burt Ward, to the, um, not so good ole' days of George Cloony, Batman ROCKS!

  • The $50 Light Bulb?

    Let me start by saying I think this is a kewl idea. WHAT? A light bulb set at $50 bucks a good idea? I knew. I didn't think I would be convinced either. BUT, I'm a tech geek. I LOVE gadgets and I'm also a big flashlight nut. (I just bought a 220 lumen flashlight, and it's sweet!) Ya know 220, 221 whatever it takes. I'm also a big fan of that movie. The LED light has revolutionized the world of lighting, so why not the bulbs in your home or work? This one $50 dollar bulb will actually save you money in the long run. It will waaaaaaaaaay outlast any incandescent bulb, thus, saving $$$. These bulbs are more energy efficent and put out the same amount of light as the equivalent 60w bulb, BUT at only 10 watts! I know, after reading what I just wrote, I sound like a big ole geek. This is what I dig! I love crapola like this! So, yep, I'm Hank The Tech Geek. I think I'll stick with "The Mechanic". HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  • 420 Time!

    Does anybody really know where "420" started? Whatever you think it is, it's probably just an urban legend. Regardless, have a fun "420" and I'll see you today at A Greener Mile, Harry & Meridian, from 4-6. Come by while I'm there, and get a free gift! In the meantime, here's a couple websites for you to check out regarding today's celebration!

  • HOT CHICKS on Motorcycles!

    Need I say more? On my way in today, I saw several bikes crusin' in to work, too. That made me daydream of seeing a hottie wrapped all over a bad-ass bike. So, I felt the need to give you the same. So here ya go! Hot chicks on motorcycles! Click HERE for a great gallery of em! Ride safe! Remember..... MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!

  • Space Shuttle Discovery's last flight

    The Space Shuttle Discovery has landed for the final time! Since the Shuttle program has been retired, museums across the U.S. will be displaying one of the Shuttles. Discovery is the first to go out, and you can watch the live video, and read other cool to NASA stuff here..... click HERE check it out! -Hank

  • NEW Linkin Park!

    Linkin Park has a new CD coming out on June 26th called "Living Things", and we have had a preview, and it ROCKS! You can check out the first single, "Burn It Down" by clicking the picture below. If you pre-order the CD from, you get more than just the album and an instant download of the single, you get a subscription to recieve a new remixed track from LIVING THINGS every month, and early access to tickets for upcoming North American shows! Check it out, and listen for it soon on T95!

  • Friday the 13th FUN FACTS

    DAMN! I just broke a mirror on my way to the computer to write this! WHAT? A black cat just walked by the studio! I'm OUTTA HERE! HAHA!! Well, depending on your level of superstition, today is THE day for everyone to freak out because it's FRIDAY THE 13th! I have collected a bunch of fun stuff for you about the day, the history, and other crazy stuff. Enjoy, and good luck today! BOOHAHAHAHA!

  • Axl Rose is a MORON!

    .....As if the world didn't already know that. This Saturday is the Rock N" Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Guns N Roses is one of the bands being inducted, and there were hopes of a full-fleged GnR reunion. That would have been cool, To see and hear these iconic guys on stage jammin' like it was the good ole' days. Well, keep dreamin. Axl has come out and said he's not gonna be there. Why? Well, he hates his former band mates first of all, then, he also has said some pretty crappy things. Yahoo! News has the full story. Once you read it, you'll fully understand what a f'n ass Axl Rose is. Check out the story by clicking HERE.

  • Titanic 100 Years

    Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the maiden, and ONLY voyage of the RMS Titanic. Saturday marks the Anniversary of it's sinking. I have always been infatuated with the story of the Titanic, and in my school days, I did a couple reports on it. I watched in 1995 as Robert Ballard discovered the remains of the ship. That was very cool! As we remember the passengers who lost their life, and the horrible disaster it was, check out the History Channel's website, and the cool interactive Titanic stuff.


    What tha hell!? How did we miss this? Have you heard of National Cleavage Day? The makers of Wonderbra started this titillating event back in 2000 in the UK. Why in the hell don't we celebrate in the good ole USA? We have the best racks here! Anyone have a problem with celebrating it here? Didn’t think so. Check out this video! This is from NCD in London. I wanna see this happen in downtown Wichita! -Hank

  • 5FDP show with IN THIS MOMENT

    On May 9th, we are bringin' ya Five Finger Death Punch with Trivium, and In This Moment. Several years ago, In This Moment opened for Ozzy at the Kansas Coliseum. I had the pleasure of driving them around town, running them on a couple errands. They were extremely nice, not to mention that the lead singer, Maria Brink, is SMOKIN HOT!

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