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  • Foo Fighters call it quits?

    Yep. Dave Grohl announced that the Foo's are taking an indefinate hiatus. WTF?!?! Really? We were talking about this, and I guess when you look at it this way, maybe it makes sense..... Dave has been rocking non-stop since Nirvana, and he's been through a LOT! Then, the Foo's have rocked all over the world with other wordly top-preformers. They have been there and done that. They are millionaires, and are leaving us for now on top of their game. I guess they deserve that. But ya know what, they will get bored, miss the fans, shows, etc, and will be back. When? Nobody can answer that, but we'll see it. I'm sure of that.

  • I WILL be back?!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger almost ruined the Treminator's iconic phrase "I'll be back" by wanting to change it up to someting easier due to his heavy German accent. Director James Cameron said no, and he wanted it left at simply "I'll be back". Nothing more, nothing less. Thank god, because anything else would have been weird! Click HERE to check out the interview with the TERMINATOR!

  • Time to eat some..... BACON!

    So last week I told ya about the looming possibility of a bacon shortage. WTF?!! I know, right! In the meantime, bacon for me is a must. And honestly, I will still buy bacon. Even if it's $30.00 a pound! I LOVE BACON! I will use less electricity at home, drive less, whatever it takes to keep my bacon budget safe! Check out this story about a fantastic bacon eating contest that just happened in Kansas City.

  • Ryan Woodward Memorial Skate TOMORROW!

    Tomorrow is the 4th annual Ryan Woodward Memorial Skate Event at the downtown skate park on St. Francis right under Kellogg.

  • Drive the speed limit!

    I hate bitchin' about other peoples driving issues because I'm sure that at some point I have pulled some BS too, but come on man! DRIVE THE FREAKIN SPEED LIMIT! I'm not sure what the deal is, but at least for the past month, I have noticed more and more that people are driving UNDER the posted speed limit! WTF!? For instance, my daily drive takes me down either 235 or 135 and then I roll down Seneca. On 235, never a problem. Speed limit is 65, so we roll at 65. On 135, it's 60, and it's always 50-56 MPH! And on Seneca, it's 40, and I constantly am behind a trail of people doing 30! AHHHHHH! What the hell is going on?! Please. Do the speed limit, or pay for my blood pressure medication. Did I mention AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! COME ON MAN!

  • OMG! A Bacon Shortage?!

    My worst nightmare could be real! There is talk of a bacon shortage in the near future! SAY IT AIN'T SO!

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd flag problems!

    So they tried to be politically correct, but it angered the fans. Yeah, Skynyrd ditched the use of the confederate flag, but in doing so pissed off some fans. Well, they are using it again, and that has pissed off more people! JEEZ! Click HERE to read the full story......

  • Ren Fair FUN!

    This past weekend at the Sg County Park was awesome as the 2012 Great Plains Ren Fest took place. The weather couldn't have been better, and the atmosphere was a blast. I even preformed a Wedding Crermony on the jousting field! And I didn't step in horse poop! HA! The next one will happen in the spring of 2013, and guess what..... yep! We'll be there for that one too! Click HERE for the pix, and watch the weddin' below!

  • Ren Fest Weekend!

    It's time..... The Great Plains Ren Fest at the Sg. County Park! It's this weekend, 10a-6p Saturday and Sunday. Come out, have some medevil fun, and check out the wedding I'll be doing on Sunday at noon! Find out more at

  • It's NEW WII time!

    Hell yeah! It's about here.... a brand-new WII! I've had my fair share of game consoles over the years, and I even have a couple antique consoles I have purchased! With the WII, we love to play lots of games. Our love for gaming even prompted us to get WII Fit! And guess what?! Yeah, you guessed right! My "WII-ME" stands there sleeping like a lazy ass. Maybe cause I would rather play Mario Cart., or anything else for that matter! Why would I waste my gaming time exercising! HAHAHAHA!!! Well, for the new WII news, click HERE!

  • ZZ Top's BEARDS!

    So how did the fellas in ZZ Top come to have their famous beards? Well, today in Yahoo! Music, you can read the whole story! And I found this old ZZ Top promo photo of the guys with tiny beards! WEIRD! Click HERE for the story.

  • State Fair & True Love!!

    It's true! I'm in LOVE! And I have been for the past 3 years! So here's the story...... When Andrea (My Fiance) and I first met, there was a certain chemistry that sparked between us. For me, it was love at first sight. We had gone to places a couple times where our friends were, etc, but hadn't really gone out "together" on a date yet. I was wondering how I should approach it, and wondered how I would introuce my daughter, Gabby in the mix. A whole pile of thoughts were running through my head as to how I could get her in my trap! HA! Well, it was Kansas State Fair time 4 years ago, and I asked her to come with Gabby & I to the fair. She agreed, and the rest is history. Ever since then, we make the Fair a part of our lives, and our Anniversary. We have been a couple times already this year, and plan on heading out a few more times before it wraps this Sunday. I am so lucky to have her and Gabby in my life, and it's the thrill of the Fair that helps make it special. Happy 3 year Anniversary Baby!


    Oh yeah! It's time again for the Kansas State Fair! It starts tomorrow, and by the way, it's the 100th KS ST FAIR! WOO-HOO! I grew up in Hutchinson, and I have always had a deep relationship with the ole' fairgrounds. I did a lot of growing up with friends there. Now, in my adult life, the fair has great meaning for my daughter, Gabby. She LOVES going and spending time with her friends and our family. And, it's the first place I took Andrea on a date. Classy! Well, this years fair marks our 3rd year together full of love! And we are gonna go and celebrate! I can't really eat all the awesome, crappy foods at the fair, but Andrea loves it! Check out this video HERE of the wacky fair foods from the Iowa St Fair.

  • The 25th Anniv of SWEET CHILD OF MINE!

    DAMN! That's a long time ago! HA! I remember when that song came out. I remember hanging with my friends brother and rockin' out in his bad-ass Camaro with the kick-ass stereo! I REMEMBER FUN! Well, that song came out in 1989, and Erin Everly, the smokin-hottie in the video was the "at the time" girlfriend of Axl Rose. So where is she now? Check out the story HERE, and rock out to the video!

  • WOW! World's LARGEST Cheeseburger!

    I LOVE Cheeseburgers, and when I saw this, I immediately started gettin hungry! HA! Read the full story HERE about this world-record sammich!

  • Blue Moon TODAY!

    So the Blue Moon action is tonight! Where do you plan on watching? Do you know what time to check it out? Yahoo! has a great story today outlining all the details, and some interesting facts about it! Click HERE for the full scoop. Have a great Labor Day weekend, and be safe!


    I know you've heard it..... the phrase "once in a blue moon". Well, it's happening TOMORROW! Yeah! A Blue Moon! So what is a "Blue Moon"? Click HERE to read all about it! Also, in a cool coincidental moment, Astronaut Neil Armstrongs funeral is on the same day! A big, full moon on the day the world lays to rest the 1st man on the moon! Click HERE for more about Neil Armstrong.


    The new Madden game is out, and it looks F'N SWEET! Every year this game gets better, and I remember when it first came out, and I thought it was great then! Check out these links about the game!

  • Hank is BACK! My story...

    Hey all!


    I'm about sick of all the road rage I've been seeing lately. STOP! What is it? The heat driving you crazy? Just today on the way in to the station, an innocent lady made an accidental lane change in front of a car coming down the same lane. The other car was at least 100 feet away from hitting her, so what did that jackass do? SPEED UP to scare her! Really? And you have never made any sort of bone-head move in your car? Sure. To make it worse, as the lady proceeded to make her turn, the other guy sped-up and passed her on the shoulder, flipped her off, and about side swiped her! C'MON MAN! Sure, I get pissed at other drivers too sometimes, but I don't try to run them off the road or flip them off! RELAX PEOPLE! You at one point or another have done some stupid stuff on the road.

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