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  • Josey Scott LEAVES SALIVA!

    Yep, that's right, Josey has bailed out of Saliva, and a replacement singer has been named. MAN! So what's the deal? Let me give you a brief, semi non-incriminating background of what I've seen over the years...... Years ago when Saliva came to Wichita, all the guys were your normal, party-animal rockstars. As time went on, things got crazy. I personally saw things that would make Dr. Drew cry. Regardless, the show went on. And at one point, the guys all said enough is enough, and went to rehab. It's your traditional rock-star story. Josey had his back n forth bouts with things, and now, he's proud to say he's clean and sober. Josey has now found God. And ya know what? That's perfectly fine. You need that in your life, more power to you. But, Josey must have felt being in Saliva would have pulled him back into the rockstar abyss. Thats why Josey decided to leave the band and pursue a career in Christian music. Yep. I wish Mr. Scott the best. And as far as Saliva goes, good luck fellas. They have announced that Bobby Amaru is their new lead singer. He fronted his own band, Amaru, and was the drummer in a band called Burn Season. Wanna hear what he sounds like, watch this video......

  • Magic Trick For Your Brain!

    I LOVE magic tricks of all kinds. When I was in grade school, I had my Blackstone magic kit and entered in the talent show. To this day, I am in awe of magicians, and have a few tricks of my own I like to pull out from time to time. Something else I really love is science tricks. Actually, a lot of magician's tricks are based on science. There are many tricks available online that are bad-ass AND super easy! Just search for "science tricks" and you'll be amazing your friends in no time! Here is something cool I found on Yahoo! today. It is a great optical illusion. You have 30 seconds? Click HERE to check out this great mind trick!

  • Nickelback... Don't bitch on Twitter!

    Love em or hate em. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to Nickelback. Fans have been posting some pretty crappy things about the band on their Twitter account. Well, the fellas in the band decided to actuall respond themselves to all the "hate tweets"! Here's the story today from Yahoo! News. Click HERE for the story.

  • Van Halen new cd

    Well, after all the wait, Van Halen has let the world know their new cd called "A Different Kind Of Truth" will be released on February the 7th. It's the first time in 26 years they have put out a new album of all-new music! And with David Lee Roth back in front, we're just waiting to see how crazy things are gonna get! Sammy Hagar has already put his 2 cents in, saying basically, he can't stand em. WOW SAMMY! Have you seen or heard the new song, "Tattoo"? Click HERE to check it out!

  • Rocklahoma time!

  • Yo! Yo! Yo!

    Ya know the Old Spice "Look at me, now look away" commercials? Well sheck this out! Grover from Sesame Street did a funny spoof. I also threw in the original too for giggles.....

  • Chat with Brett Michaels!

  • Dig Rob Zombie? Check this out!

    To celebrate the release of its seventh book, Royal Flush held a special signing event this past Monday, October 11 at New York City's own Forbidden Planet with cover star Rob Zombie. The acclaimed musician and filmmaker signed copies of Royal Flush Book Seven and "Hellbilly Deluxe 2 - Special Edition" (out now on Roadrunner/Loud & Proud).

  • Wichita Toy Run & City Of Wichita come to a agreement!!!

    Wichita Police say the annual Toy Run will return to its normal route along Broadway. Deputy Chief Terry Moses says area law enforcement will be out to direct traffic along the route through the city up to the Coliseum. Southbound lanes of Broadway will be closed through the construction at 21st Street so riders can use both lanes. Construction pylons cannot be removed from the intersection and there is a steep drop-off on the east side of the road, so police are urging riders to be cautious through the intersection. Contractors working to replace the bridge on Broadway just south of 53rd Street North will temporarily open the bridge to Toy Run participants only. It will immediately close after riders make it across. The Toy Run will be this Sunday and starts at Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

  • BIG Weekend!

  • Update on my big weekend!

    WOW! What a weekend!

  • Metallica LOVES Call Of Duty!

    Before I forget, I got the videos up from my festivities this weekend. Check out my video section to see em! Now on to the bad-ass Metallica news......

  • SLASH video too dirty?

    It cracks me up at how things get labeled "too dirty" for TV. Slash's new music video for his song "Beautiful Dangerous", which features a guest appearance from Fergie, is apparently too steamy for wide public release and will have to be edited. Slash was quoted as saying in a recent interview, "It's very controversial. I thought it was okay but apparently there's a lot of suggestiveness and we're having a rethink." The clip stars Fergie as a crazed fan who stalks Slash and ends up tying him to a bed, kissing him and teasing him with a knife, all while dressed in leather lingerie. Slash said that the sexy BLACK EYED PEAS singer came up with the concept for the video herself.

  • Back Friday almost here!

    First, it's hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here. I can't wait to chow down on some bird and grandma's homeade fixins! THEN, it's off to bed for a early morning of BLACK FRIDAY shopping! Fighting the crowds, a**hole to elbow shoving, and getting that holy grail of gifts! I remember back when you didn't know what the ultimate deals were until you got the newspaper and mapped out your quest. Now, with internet "leaks" you can find the deals early, and even buy from the comfort of your home online! Here is a link to see a sampling of what's to come on Black Friday. Happy shopping, and save me some stuffing!

  • OOH! Black Friday addition and concert action!

    Allrighty, I found the ultimate Black Friday "AD" website. This site will lead you to the savings heavens! Enjoy! Click here to get to it.

  • My awesome weekend!

    Well, another great weekend! Friday night, what a bad-ass concert with BLS at The Cotillion! The place was packed, the opening acts were unbelievable, and BLS totally brought it! Zakk Wylde is one of the nicest guys in the music biz too. He loves to talk your ear off, to the point where his tour manager had to bitch at him a couple of times to shut his trap because they were on a tight schedule. Which, may I add, Zakk then told that dude to "shut the F**K up, I'm talkin here'"! HA!!

  • America's Funniest Video by... Metallica?

    METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT Accidentally kicks a little kid off the stage! Another clip has been posted online of a METALLICA concert that took place in Sydney, Australia last Thursday (November 11), where guitarist Kirk Hammett is seen kicking a large black balloon that accidentally smacks into a small child standing onstage and sends the child flying several feet into the audience. At first it was reported that the little one was James Hetfield's son. But not the case. The child was apparently the daughter of either METALLICA's production or tour manager. The child was not injured, so it makes it easier to watch! The band's management said they plan on contacting Tom Bergeron at America's Funniest Home Video's to see if they could score $10,000. Ok, I made that last part up. HAHAHAHA!!

  • Fuel tonight at America's Pub!

    Tonight, join T95 for a great concert featuring FUEL at America's Pub! I have seen Fuel several times over the past couple years, and they ROCK! Brett Scallions still kicks ass!

  • Thursday laughs at The Garage!

    So today and every Thursday, I hang out at The Garage Bar & Grill in Delano with the comedians from the Loony Bin Comedy Club from 11a - 1pm. Great $5 buck lunch specials, 2-4-1 well drinks, and FREE tickets to the Loony Bin! Come out on Thursdays for all the fun! (except next Thursday, it's turkey day)

  • Help us feed those in need and WIN!

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