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  • It's NJCAA Tournament time - WITH HANK!

    Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little. The NJCAA Tournament does and is happening in Hutchinson today, and I will be there, but my part is literally, less than 1 minute. I will be delivering the opening prayer, or invocation, to the evening session tonight at the Sports Arena in Hutchinson. This will be my 3rd year doing it. I KNOW! They keep asking me back! Being a good-ole Hutch boy, I am honored to be there.

  • First day of SPRING!

    .....and there is SNOW in the forecast! WHAT THA?! Ok, so today IS the first day of Spring. And sure, there IS snow and cold weather in the forecast for the next few days, BUT, that will be IT! Finally, warmer temps, and FINALLY, full-on SHORTS weather! I'm about sick of wearing pants! In addition to shorts, chicks in bikini's and short shorts! And that's just on a nice day at your nearest QT or grocery store! No pool or lake needed! That's what I'm talkin about! Click HERE for the OLD ALMANAC'S page for the Vernal Equinox, or, SPRING!

  • Wanna see some bad-ass cars?

    It's time for auto-shows around the world, and time for some awesome concept cars to be unveiled. I found some cool stuff today, that you're sure to love, including a Corvette WAGON?! Yeah, check out these links! Also, click the pic for more concept cars from KIA! Do YOU have a really odd car, truck, or even a old concept car? Send me a pic!

  • Bracket Challenge BEGINS!

    Selection Sunday dished em' out last night, and now it's time to play! We have the best bracket challenge ever! Before you check it out, click the how-to link to see what it takes to WIN! Or at least help you feel like winning could be in your future.... HA! Enjoy basketball this week!

  • St. Patrick's Day WEEKEND!

    It's gonna be a big green party all weekend long! Lots of fun parties, and 4 leaf clovers everywhere! But be safe! Law enforcement has announced they will be out in force looking for drunk drivers all weekend. Why do we party on St. Patrick's Day? What is the meaning behind all this madness? Here are some links for you today about the history, fun, oh... and hot Irish chicks!


    So I have some friends that strive for "cool" beers. Micros, Crafts, ya know, what I call "fancy" beer. They like it thick. EEEW. Try and serve them a Bud or Coors, and you'd have rather offended the Pope. Well, this is right up their alley. Or if you like weird beers, this is definately for you. Click HERE for a bizarre line-up of incredibly odd ingredient beers. Ugh.

  • Pope hunt, day 2!

    The Pope voting continues within the depths of the Vatican..... When, Who? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Here are a couple great Pope links, and a funny video regarding the Pope from the Steve Martin "Pink Panther" movie. The first link is a site you can submit your email or phone number to be alerted as soon as the WHITE SMOKE billows out announcing the newest Pope.

  • WOW! There's WATER in the RIVER!

    Did you realize the big ditch-like area of land that you can see under Kellogg near downtown Wichita is actually a RIVER? YEAH! It's called the Arkansas River! WEIRD!


    Ok, calm down. Yes, asteroids have been zooming close to planet Earth. Have they been close? Yes. Are we in danger? Well.... Of course we are! But, we are ALWAYS in danger of being hit by asteroids. These asteroids have the potential of wiping out an averaged size city. So should we be worried? Should you be worried you're gonna fall down a flight of stairs? Of course, but it's something that shouldn't bog down your thoughts 24/7. Click HERE for a great asteroid story, and hopefully it will calm you down a little. I mean, 4 large asteroids coming close to the Earth isn't much to worry about, IS IT?!

  • It's time to go to OZ!

    The new Disney movie, OZ, THE GREAT & POWERFUL opens this weekend. This is a "prequel" that I really wanna see!! This takes you to the beginning of The Wizard Of Oz, and shows us where OZ came from! In the original Wizard Of Oz, the characters did a great job! BUT, click HERE for the story on who they originally thought to use for some of the cast. And enjoy this preview!

  • Happy Birthday to David Gilmour of PINK FLOYD

    Today, Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour is 67! We LOVE Pink Floyd, and I have a couple great links for ya about David, and Pink Floyd.

  • Severe Weather Awareness Week

    As we wrap up one of the largest snowfall totals in 100 years here in Kansas, it's time to start thinking about severe weather. UGH! This is severe weather awareness week, and we encourage you to be prepared for any bad weather that pops up this season. I have provided you with some great links today that explains SWAW, and gives you preparedness guidelines. Be safe this year, and remember, we ARE in Kansas, and Kansans know the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Keep an eye out.....

  • Hank interviews BRENT SMITH of SHINEDOWN

    Miss my interview on the air with the lead singer of SHINEDOWN, Brent Smith? Click HERE to listen to it in it's entirety. We look forward to seeing them in concert on March 23rd along with 3 Days Grace and P.O.D. at the Intrust Bank Arena.

  • HEY MAN! Shoot me some weed!

    Uh, what? I saw this and HAD to show you. Police in Mexico have seized from drug smugglers, a unique way to get drugs into the U.S. A CANNON! Yeah! A cannon! This looks like a potato gun on steriods! Smugglers were able to "shoot" up to 30lbs of weed over the border into the U.S. GENIUS! Click HERE for the story and picture on this crazy contraption.

  • Watered down beer?

    Ya ever hear your friends say something like this?.... "THIS CRAP IS WATERED DOWN!" Well, it could be! A multi-million dollar lawsuit has been waged against InBev, the makers of Budweiser, Michelob, and other brands, and accusing them of watering down their products in order to increase profits. InBev, of course, says that is false and they comply with all labeling laws that say how much alcohol content is in each bottle of beer. What will decide the case is testing of the beers to determine the alcohol content. In the lawsuit, aside from money, it also seeks corrective advertising. Meaning the lawsuit wants commercials to come out and say they did in fact water down their beers. We'll keep ya posted on the results of this case. In the meantime, I will go out and sample a large amount of these beers to see if it's watered down. If I pass out, then wake up the next morning in trouble for peeing in the bedroom closet, the alcohol is still strong. HAHAHA!!! Click HERE for the full story and video.

  • APP Chat!

    It's been a few weeks since I have posted a cool app, so here it is..... I have been completely stuck for a while playing a couple kids games, and a "everyone" game. (anger birds SW) Don't judge me on these kids games, but I DO have a daughter! I initally put these games on my iPad for her, but turns out I play em' more than her! Check these out for yourself, and let me know what ya think! The links are for the Apple apps.

  • Big NASCAR Crash!

    Did ya catch any of the Daytona 500? Jimmy Johnson won the race, and Danica took 8th place. That wasn't the big news though. How about the big wreck?! That was CRAZY! A WHOLE ENGINE FLEW INTO THE STANDS! Nobody was killed, but at least 28 people were injured pretty bad. Click HERE for the story and video of the accident.

  • Sony unveils PS4!

    Are you a gamer? I kinda am, but my daughter REALLY is. Today, Sony rolled out their latest.... the PS4! There are a lot of gaming systems out there, and if Sony wants to make it, this one better be good. Click HERE to see all about the all new PS4.

  • Death DEFYING stunts!!

    I saw this today and felt like a wimp! HERE is a gallery of pics of people doing some crazy crap! Do you get that bad tingling feeling in your lower parts when you're way up high looking down? That's about how I felt when I saw these pictures! Check em out!

  • Led Zeppelin REUNION TOUR?!

    In a recent interview with Australia's version of 60 minutes, Robert Plant said he isn't too busy on 2014, so he would be up to doing a Led Zeppelin reunion. WOW! That would be absolutely incredible! In 2007, they got together for a one-off show called Celebration Day, and a tour was rumored to happen. It didn't, but now that may become reality. And since John Bohnam is deceased, his son, Jason, will likely be on the drums. COOL!

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