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    Today could be the day someone hits it BIG. The 2nd largest Powerball jackpot EVER is up for grabs. $500 MILLION is on the line, and people are lottery crazy! Hell, I usually don't buy powerball tickets, but I plunked down $20 for a shot at the big money. Win, lose, in my mind I'm a winner until the day I check the ticket to see I didn't win. And let me tell ya, the things I've dreamed of spending it on..... WOW!

  • Drool over these HOT cars!

    I'm a gearhead. I was raised in my Dad's bodyshop where he did everything from simple dent n ding repair, to full classic hot rod restoration. You'll see me at most car shows too. I love it! I even have a 1969 Chevelle that I hope to have restored (again) and back on the road. Any donations are accepted! HA! Well, check out THESE cars! They aren't even out yet, so drool and dream in the meantime.

  • Play a vid game with PEE?

    Yeah, you read that right. Urinals with video games you control with your stream of PEE! That is freakin awesome! HAHA! Click HERE for the details....

  • Get ya some of THIS for Thanksgiving!

    I LOVE chowin down on Thanksgiving! I grew up in a Mexican household, so our dinner consisted of the traditional items, but in addition, we had big pots of beans, rice, and other awesome mexican food treats! Nothin beats wrappin up some hot fresh turkey in Grandma's homeade tortillas. MMMMMM!!!! This is our first Thanksgiving with Grandma gone, so I'm gonna miss her, and her homeade food. Man.

  • Brad Pitt good friends with Chris Cornell?!

    Yeah it's true! I know, seems weird, but they ARE friends, and their kids even play together! Now that is an odd couple. Check out the entire story HERE.

  • What happens in Vegas.....

    CAN LAST FOR 20 YEARS! This is bizarre! Comedian Janeane Garafalo apparently, and unknowingly has been married for 20 years! She and then boyfriend, producer/writer Rob Cohen, in a drunken move got married in Vegas, and didn't think it was legit! WOW! Click HERE for the full story on Yahoo!

  • Wanna see something HOT yet CREEPY?

    I ran across this and was a little creeped out. This chick has made herself look like a human Barbie doll! WEIRD! You'll have to just see it. Click HERE to see.

  • Puerto Rico the 51st State?

    It could happen! During voting, Puerto Ricans mostly voted yes to the idea of becoming the 51st state. What would or WHERE would that extra star be placed on the flag? Crazy! Read THIS story for the details.

  • Marijuana time!

    HAHA! Out of all the issues with the election, the one I'm seeing the most comments on is the legalization of weed in Washington and Colorado. What do you think about this? Do you think Kansas will ever come to make it legal here? Let me know what you think, and I'll post comments in a future blog. Email me at: HERE is the story from Yahoo! on the legalization issue.

  • Election Day Coverage

    Today is the day! The masses are out in force making their vote count in what is a very tight race. Obama, Romney, who's it gonna be? Get out and vote today, and while you're out voting, crank up T95! Today, we're playing the T95 Top 95 Songs Of ALL Time! And we will be replaying the countdown starting Saturday at 10am. Now, for Election Day coverage, check out the Yahoo! Election Day "Control Room" for non stop action. AMERICA KICKS ASS!

  • Rob Schneider TONIGHT!

    You've seen him in the movies and TV, now, catch Rob "YOU CAN DO IT" Schneider tonight at the Loony Bin, 21st & Woodlawn! I got to interview him just a little bit ago, so check it out! Get tickets for tonight shows (8p & 10:30p) by calling 618-HAHA(4242) or buy em online at

  • Hurricane Sandy RELIEF

    When we have tornadoes or other devestating things happen in our backyard, others in our great nation come to our aid. Now, with Sandy delivering destruction to the east coast, it's our turn to help. Please help with what you can, and thank-you. HERE are some great ways to donate thanks to Forbes mag.

  • JACKYL is coming!

    This Saturday is gonna be big with Jesse James Dupree and the boys of Jackyl! They're gonna rock The Cotillion, and ya better get your tickets! Click HERE to get em! AND, Jesse and I will be hangin at Tom's Wine & Spirits at 133 E 47th Soutn (47th & Broadway) from 4-6 before the show, and he'll be sellin' and signing his new Jesse James Whiskey! Come grab a bottle, and get a picture and autograph! See ya there! ROCK ME. ROLL ME, JACKYL ME OFF!

  • Halloween facts

    Happy Halloween!

  • MMMMM Halloween Candy!

    Tomorrow the streets will be full of hungry, chocolate craving, wild kids! Halloween is the day kids get, then parents sneak CANDY! There are some crappy candies out there, but if you hit it right, it's a ton of fun-size bars! MMMMMMM!!!! HERE is a list of the 25 best candies for Halloween, and a quick fact about each one. Get a ton of candy, and please be safe! Watch your kids, and if you're driving, be on the lookout!

  • The men behind the SCARY MASKS!

    I love a good scary movie, and who doesn't! Have you ever wondered who lives behind the scary masks and costumes? Well, here it is! Ckick HERE for a great pic gallery of the men behind some of the most famous masks! Have a great Halloween weekend!

  • Password please!

    UGH! How many damn passwords can a guy remember! EVERYTHING you do these days is password protected! Thats all good, but when different sites have different ways to come up with them, that creates several ya have to remember. That blows. On the other hand, some people don't like em at all, and come up with lame stuff like "12345", "password", etc. You get the idea. Hackers LOVE you! HERE is a list of the most common LAME passwords. If you're using one of these, change it, or don't bitch when you get hacked!

  • iPad MINI is HERE!

    I am new into the Apple world. I just recently purchased the iPhone 4S. I LOVE IT! After I got it, I contemplated the iPad, but waited to see what the word was on an iPad Mini. Well, today was the press conference, and they did it! The iPad MINI is here! They start taking orders on Friday, and they ship on Nov 2nd. I think I may do it! The 16g Mini is $329. Not too bad! Santa? You reading this? I want one! Click HERE for the latest iPad Mini news.

  • MMMM! Buffalo Wings! DIY!

    If you're like me, you LOVE a big ole plate of Buffalo Wings. Just thinking about em right now has me craving a pile of their yummy goodness! And wouldn't it be easy to whoop up some bad-ass wings at home? Again, if you're like me, you've tried, and they just don't taste the same. Or even close. So how can you do it at home and get some decent results? Here it is! What we know and love was invented in 1964 in, you guessed it, BUFFALO! And here is the recipe! Click HERE for the goods! I wanna see what you come up with! After you get em done, snap a pic, then email it to me at and I will post the pics!

  • Save $$$ on gas!

    Here's how! Ride a bike! Uh, yeah right. I've heard people say that crap, and really? Work, kids, errands, and no time to do them. SURE! Throw the kids on the handle bars, and do it! HAHA!! So how can you save a bit of cash, and possibly make that liquid gold stretch a little farther? Click HERE for a story on how you just might save!

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