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  • Big Game RECAP

    What a great game! Baltimore pulled it off, Beyonce flashed a secret, world domination hand sign, and, WAIT, WHAT? Yeah, during her preformance, she made a symbol with her hands, and now every conspiracy theory wacko is thinking that's what she did. As far as the commercials, I personally didn't see anything that really made an impression. And a 34 minute blackout? Maybe it's because Beyonce threw out the "symbol" and the Illuminati flipped the light switch. Uh, ok.


    Yuck. I am on a big stinkin diet right now, and it sucks. Did I mention it sucks? HA! There are always a bunch of studies that come out every year that is aimed at helping people deal with dieting. This new study shows that it not necessaraily WHAT you eat, mut WHEN you eat it! After reading this story, it actually seems to make a little sense. Like I said, and always have said, dieting sucks. But, I hope to reach my goal, AND keep it off. That's the hard part. Click HERE for the story.

  • Why is KISS.... KISS??

    KISS, this week, is celebrating 40 YEARS! MAN! I've always wondered, why or how, did KISS come to wearing makeup and crazy costumes? Well, in a recent interview, Gene Simmons explains all. Click HERE to read the interview, and see some cool videos. There's also some other cool KISS links below.

  • Happy Birthday to KANSAS!

    Our STATE, not the band. HA! Yeah, today, Kansas is 152 years old! The 34th state in the union, Kansas has a lot of fun trivia! Our great state has a bunch of things to do that you may have not known about! Click the links below to discover things about... KANSAS!

  • Do YOU have money out there?!

    I came across this today, and am keeping my fingers crossed! Every year, American's DON'T claim money they have out there! It's not because they don't want it, it's because it's either not known about, address changed, or a ton of different reasons. Well, check out this story today, and see a bunch of links you can go to that will tell you if you have any unclaimed money. If you find any, SHARE! I'm the one who let ya in on this! HA! Click HERE.

  • XXX pix gone wrong!

    So how many times has your girlfriend sent you naked pictures of herself? C'mon, we all have recieved some of these pix, and most of the time they come to us after a whole lot of begging and coaxing. It's true. Hell, I've done it. HA!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because two people in love are having fun!

  • AIR powered car?!

    The wacky French people at Peugeot Citroen have developed a car that runs on freakin AIR! At high speeds, the car runs on gasoline with the small engine. Then when the car dips down to 43mph or less, it runs on AIR! They say the average driver of this car would get 141 miles A GALLON! WTF?!

  • APP Chat!

    I have found myself as a one-use guy so far with my iPad. I had thought my days would be filled with a wide assortment of helpful, entertaining, productive apps. Um, well, it seems to be primarialy used as a video game iPad. HA! I have asked you to send me apps that you really love, and the vast majority seems to be GAMES. I'm not complaining! I love to play, but sometimes a couple hours can go by before I get my ass up from the couch!

  • NEW stuff for your "SMART" home

    As you may have gathered, I am a electronics gadget junkie. I LOVE the newest, latest electronic stuff, whether it's for my mobile dj service, my personal use, or whatever. Well, now, some of these gadgets have made their way into my home. I have integrated my ipad and my iphone to my home entertainment. It's awesome. NOW, the Consumer Electronics Show has shown us new items for your home and more. From digital screen washing machines to wireless electric blenders, these new items are sweet! Click HERE for the list of the latest greatest.

  • Today is a BIG day!

    Today, President Obama is inaugurated into his second term, and it's MLK day. Whether you like the President or not, we continue to grow as Americans and live in a wonderful country. We are FREE. We are becoming more integrated as a people. And the steps Martin Luther King took to spark equality shows more and more every day. Below are several links dedicated to todays events and history.

  • You a Pool player?

    I'm not talking pocket pool either. I'm talkin' good ole' American,slate-top, green felt, manly pool! When I was in my late teens in Hutch, I thought I was a bad-ass pool player. My friends and I had our own sticks, bags, accessories, and we kicked ass. Or at least we thought. I even joined a weekly pool league. Granted, our team won, but not due to any fancy stick work from Hank.

  • Starbird-Devlin Car Show

    This Friday thru Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, it's the 56th annual Starbird-devlin Car Show at Century 2! It's is always a great show that my Dad took me to when I was a kid, and now I'm taking my daughter. It is a great show that you can make a tradition out of with your family! Ticket prices are lower this year, kids are FREE, and more cars than EVER! Find out more at their website,

  • Myans = WRONG. Doomsday Clock = ?

    So we sit here today sticking our collective tounges out at the Myans for the failed "end of the world" prediction. Now, just when we thought it was safe to go back into the world without fear of a catastrophe, here's another. Yeah. The "doomsday clock" lets the world know of imminent danger due to nuclear or biological weapons, climate change and other human-caused disasters. The hands of the clock have been placed at 11:55. THAT'S CLOSE! So what in the hell are scientists predicting?! Click the links for the story and other doomsday clock facts.

  • HOLY F***! DRIVE!

    Ok, I'm bitchin' again. I am sick and tired of people NOT going the speed limit! It's weird! Usually, people speed, but for the past 6 months or so, people are going under. UGH! The best road/highway in Wichita? 235. I never encounter bad or slow drivers on 235. Now, 35? AHHHH! Speed up, stay left, something! And my drive home takes me down Seneca every day. From Kellogg to Pawnee, it's slow goin on a daily basis. I don't drive aggressive, but yesterday I was almost forced to. I was on my way to a live broadcast, going down Seneca, and this older lady was doing 25mph. Yeah. SENECA IS 40MPH! I was a car legnth behind her, people behind ME were honking thinking I was slow, so I simply went around her once I was able to. SHE STARTED YELLING AT ME AND SWINGING HER ARMS LIKE I HAD A PROBLEM!!!! This is CRAP! Slow drivers can not only be irritating, but can cause accidents! Please Wichita, drive the speed limit when you can.

  • CES Time!

    Through tomorrow, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas. What is the CES? It's the annual "unveiling" of the new gadgets for the year. Things are presented to the world at this time, and manufacturers hope that what they unveil will be the "next big thing". Missing from the show this year is Apple. They feel products get lost in the shuffle at this show, so they're gonna stick with stand-alone, away from the CES, product launches.

  • App Chat with Hank!

    So I've told you about my Christmas present that was a big hit with me. If you haven't heard, cuz it's big news, Andrea bought an iPad Mini for me! IT'S BADASS! She told me last night she thought it was money well spent, but now she says she shouldn't have got it because I love IT more than HER! Ok, I'll admit, I do love the iPad Mini, but I DO love Andrea MORE. Just to clarify. HA!

  • Foods and other items you'll never see again!

    Have you ever wondered where certain foods have gone? How come you don't see them in the store anymore? Had cravings for certain things you just can't find?! Maybe they have been discontinued! I found some lists of items that have been cut from your shelves. Click the links to see what they are. When you see them, you'll start craving some of em'! I did! I also added a link of McDonalds food items they tried out, but failed horribly.

  • Starting 2013 like ME?


  • The HEF is a married man!

    Hugh Hefner, Mr. PLAYBOY MAGAZINE, who is 86 years old, is now a married man! He married Crystal Harris, who is 26! SHE'S 60 YEARS YOUNGER!!!! WTF?! Hugh apparently has a big....WALLET! HA! Hey, God bless him! At 86, the guy is still gettin tail! You think he still has sex? Interesting question. If he is, WOW! If we could only be like Hugh! Click HERE for pictures and the full story.

  • NYE 13 Resolutions?

    Get fit? Stop smoking? Eat less crappy foods? What is your 2013 resolution? After having a stroke in late 2012, my goal is to get healthier. It's hard to do, but I have to do it. For me. For my family.

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