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    Check this magic out!

    I love magic. Always have. I also love comedy. And apparently there is a comedian/magician out there by the name of Andy Gross. Check out this video of a really cool trick he has that will really make you wonder how he did it!

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    How cool is YOUR Grandma?!

    Holy crap, check this out! In La Crosse, Wisconson at Coalition Drum Shop, a 63 year old woman stops in from time to time, and nicely asks if she can play the drums. This lady is GOOD! Finally, they asked if they could shoot a video of her playing, and she said no problem. And here it is! Turns out, she sold her own drums years ago to make ends meet. Now, because she's good, and gave the store a bunch of exposure, they have gave her hew own set of drums for FREE! NICE! So maybe we'll see more of this drum beatin lady in the future!

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    Metallica ROCKED Comic-con!

    This past weekend at Comic-con in San Diego, Metallica talked about their upcoming movie, "Metallica Through the Never". The movie features concert footage and a storyline about a roadie named Trip. After that, they rocked out in a very intimate concert for a bunch of excited fans. Click HERE for the Metallica / Comic-con story.

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    Lee Harvey Oswald's wedding band for sale.....

    Marina Oswald Porter, the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed President John F Kennedy, is selling the wedding band that belonged to Lee Harvey. After 50 years of legal red-tape, she is selling the ring to get rid of that memory, rid of what she calls "the worst day of her life". Click HERE for the story.

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    Facebook photo's made easy!

    Pictures are about the biggest part of Facebook. Sharing, and downloading pictures can sometimes be a pain in the ass. I found a educational site today that will help you out when messing with pix on FB. Click HERE to check it out!

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    Seen the Weekly Rock Recap?

    Every Wednesday by noon, I post the T95 Weekly Rock Recap! It's a weekly web-show highlighting some of the weeks rock news. Plus, it's full of great links and videos of the stories I talk about. Occasionally, I'll even interview a band! Check it out now! Click the pic, it'll take you right to it!

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    You bothered by mosquitos? WHY?!

    There ARE reasons mosquitos target certain people. Are you diabetic like me? Yep. They love diabetic people. Drink lots of Beer? Yep. They love you too. But WHY? Click HERE for the story that will leave you itching!

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    Weekend movie totals

    Did ya get out and see a movie this weekend? Movies this summer haven't really been super awesome. There have been a couple good ones, but it's kinda been weak. Grown Ups 2 was supposed to be a big hit. But it wasn't. Dispicable Me 2 was on top again. Click HERE to see the weekends top movie list.

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    Washington DC to legalize MARIJUANA?!

    Yeah, it looks like it could happen! CRAZY! These days, weed is going through what booze went through when it became legal. It's accepted these days, it's used medically, and more. I never thought I would see this! Click HERE for the full story.

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    Uhhhh, SMART diapers?

    You saw that right. SMART diapers. As in, intelligent, linked to your smartphone, poop baskets. WHAT?! I'm a parent. I LOVE gadgets and technology! I would have loved to have had these things! It almost makes me want to put my 11 year old daughter back in diapers just to use these! HAHA! Ok, I won't do that, BUT, I may get them for a friend with a baby, and see how they work. Click HERE for the pictures and story about SMART DIAPERS!

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    Bon Jovi and his family doing well!

    Bon Jovi is a rare rocker. He has been married and faithful for 23 years. He takes pride in that, and he takes pride in being a good dad. His daughter, Stephanie, has had some drug problems, and as a family, they have overcome. Click HERE for the full story.

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    Best way to cool off in this heat!

    In New York, things have got HOT. But people who live there have a great way to COOL off! By visiting the ICE BAR! YEAH! A bar made out of ICE! Click HERE for some great pix and the story, and check out the links below for some other awesome ICE creations! STAY COOL!

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    Lone Ranger...... DUD!

    The 4th of July was supposed to be HUGE at the box office for the LONE RANGER. Well, it flopped. Disney was banking on a big success, but ended up with a big disaster. They had hoped Johnny Depp was the key to millions for this movie, but it seemed nobody cared about seeing it. Despicable Me 2 was this weekends winner. Click HERE for the Lone Ranger weekend story, and enjoy the links below which lay out crappy movies.

  • FPO


    Happy 4th Of July! I hope y'all have a great day in this awesome country of ours, and BE SAFE! We wanna see ya back at work with all your damn fingers! HERE is a list of the best fireworks displays in the USA!

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    Look at this HOT Amish chick!

    W O W! 22 year old "Kate" is on the new TLC tv show, BREAKING AMISH. It's a show where Amish kids get to explore life outside of the Amish community and then decide whether or not they wanna go back. Kate just did a photo shoot for Maxim Magazine, and she is HOT! Click HERE to see her, and read the story.

  • Taco Bell handing out MONEY?

    A group of friends in Kentwood, Michigan hit a Taco Bell drive thru, and what they got in their bag was a BIG surprise!! When they got miles down the road, they decided to start chowing down, and what they found was MONEY! And a BUNCH of it! Turns out, the lady in the drive thru handed them the wrong bags, and what they found was almost $3600! DAMN! Being good people, they returned the money. Would you have returned it? Check out the video....

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    You saw right! The country has spoken and the Twinkie Gods have answered! Twinkies return on July 15th nationwide, along with other Hostess treats we've missed. Will they taste the same? YES! They will be made in the same places with the same ingredients. Bottom line.... you'll still be able to put a Twinkie in the cabinet and have it outlast cockroaches and nuclear war. HAHA!!! Click HERE for the full story!

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    Hutchinson, Ks = SMALLVILLE!

    AWESOME! Today, the town I grew up in will be renamed (temporarially) to SMALLVILLE! This is all a part of the festivities surrounding the Kansas Hall Of Fame. The fictional hometown to Clark Kent, which is in Kansas, has been thought to resemble Hutchinson! From the landmarks, to distance shown in the show, to numerous other items, it MUST be Hutch! The town's Mayor issued a proclamation declaring TODAY, SMALLVILLE! Read the proclamation below.

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    Where does old technology die?

    You ever wonder what happens to old technology? Old Pay Phones, Computers, WALKMANS? We all had something that became outdated, and have purchased "new stuff" to replace it. So landfills? Nope. Click HERE to see where these old dinosaurs go to rest.

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    It's VODKA time!

    With the weather heating up, it's time to come up with creative drinks to serve up to your weekend houseguests! You may know some great ways to serve it up, but what are some other uses for Vodka? Use it for cleaning your house? Flower health? HUH?! Click HERE for a great list of ways you can use Vodka around the house. If you have any other good ways to use or serve Vodka, email me!

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