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    How MOTLEY CRUE changed my life!

    Continuing this week with my Motley Crue blogs, I have a great story about my youth, and how MOTLEY CRUE changed my life forever!

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    Motley Crue - VH1 "Behind The Music REMASTERED"

    As we get ready to kick some ass with Motley Crue this weekend, I have decided that all my blogs this week will be Crue related. Tomorrow, you'll get some Alice Cooper goodies too! Wanna win a pair of tickets? Click HERE for the Freeloader section, and click HERE to see how you can win FRONT ROW tickets! And click HERE to buy em!

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    Want a SNEAK PEEK of the CRUE show?!

    This video is F'N AWESOME! This will give you a tiny glimpse of the Motley Crue show you're gonna see THIS Saturday night at the Intrust Bank Arena! ALL BAD THINGS MUST COME TO A END! See you Saturday night, and click HERE for the weekend's party schedule!

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    T95 35th Birthday Bash THIS SAT NIGHT!

    This weekend is gonna ROCK, as the T95 35th Birtday Bash with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper is finally here! Saturday night, Intrust Bank Arena! The party starts Friday night, as Todd & Tyler come to Wichita to party with you at the Wichita Wingnuts game! Register HERE to win party suite passes and tickets to the game. Then on Saturday, it all starts at 4pm at WALKER'S Bar & Venue right behind the Intrust Bank Arena! It's gonna be a fun weekend! You wanna know the entire history of Motley Crue? Click HERE for the entire story, and click the pic for the Crue official website! Get ready to ROCK!

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    Love fireworks? Check THIS out!

    Happy 4th Of July! I LOVE Fireworks. I HAVE been badly injured with fireworks. BUT, I have learned how to properly handle them, and use them in a safe manner. Sounds simple, but bunches of people get hurt every year with simple stupidity. So be careful and have fun! NOW, with that said, check out the great links I have for ya about how fireworks are made. Also, enjoy the "How It's Made" video about fireworks and fireworks mini-documentary!! Happy 4th Of July, and have fun!!!

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    O M G! Really? BAD DAD ALERT!

    Now I've heard it all..... A man in Albuquerque is in trouble for leaving his daughter at home while he ran out to get a tattoo. Ok, not a big deal, right? Well, what makes this a big deal is that he left her with a loaded gun to protect herself whail he was gone! HAHAHA! Hey, he was trying to be a good dad, right?! I know his mind was in the right place, but you can't do that. Apparently he's done this several times in the past. Check out the full story HERE.

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    BEST Burger Joints in America? NO WICHITA????

    I saw a story today, and I couldn't wait to see it! THE BEST BURGERS IN AMERICA! I was sure I'd see one from Wichita, KS! But no. Did they not even come here and try what our city has to offer? I mean, c'mon! NO Bomber Burger? NO Jack's Coffee House? And let me tell you, if you haven't been to either of these in Wichita, DO IT! BEST burgers EVER! Check out the list HERE and see if you've been to one of these places! Writing this had made me jones for a big ole BOMBER BURGER! Maybe I'll see you there!

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    Got any acid? You might want it to see this......

    I'm not sure what in the hell I just watched. Metallica is in a short film called "GLASTALLICA". This reminds me of some horrible "B" movie that you would see at the drive-in in the 60's or 70's. AND THAT MAKES IT COOL! HA! So here's the deal..... Metallica played at the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival over the weekend, and they basically made fun of the Brit's that protested their appearance due to James Hetfield's support of hunting. Hetfield is the voice of a History Channel mini-series called THE HUNT, and people are pissed that he supports this. SO, Metallica made a video called Glastallica, which was made by Glastonbury documentarian Julian Temple. The video is below, so check it out, and get ready for the "bizarre" look to come across your face.

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    And the biggest movie so far on 2014 is....

    Transformers 4! This movie opened HUGE! It debuted to $100 MILLION DOLLARS! Worldwide, it's pulled in over $200 million so far! Have you seen it yet? If not, you really need to. It is awesome! Click HERE for the story, and click the pic for the official website.

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    Vacation time! Check out this rollercoaster!

    I'm headed out on summer vacation next week. My daughter, Gabby, wants to go to Worlds Of Fun in KC. Ok, fine. We'll go, but I told her there will be NO rollercoasters for ole dad. Yes. Rollercoasters freak me out. Always have. And I don't give a damn admitting that to the world. HA! I have friends that LOVE rollercoasters and get a huge adrenaline rush riding them. As a matter of fact, when I interviewed Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, that was something he brought up. He LOVES roller coasters, and LOVES hitting theme parks to check out the coasters when they're out on tour. That explains his rollercoaster-esque drum set-ups he has on stage! Six Flags is always known for their bigger better faster coasters, and they have a new one for you to check out. It's called "GOLIATH" and is located at their park in Gurnee, Illinois. This is a triple record breaking wooden coaster! It's the fastest, tallest, and steepest wooden roller coaster in the world! Check out the video HERE, and take a virtual ride! Enjoy your summer vacations, and look for me WATCHING you ride em! HAHAHA!

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    The HOTTEST Star Wars toy is......

    THE LIGHTSABER! I saw this story and immediately went to it because 1st, I LOVE Star Wars. 2nd, I LOVE Lightsabers! I didn't realize how big of a deal they were though. I searched "lightsaber" on Google, and there are tons and tons of websites devoted to them! From buying one, to making your own, it's CRAZY! I picked a few good websites and have em for ya below. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

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    Nuns SUE strip club!

    Today, in the ODD NEWS folder, we find a group of Nuns upset with a boobie shakin business. They are mad because of zoning laws, and the fact their music is TOO LOUD! So they are SUING! These poor Nuns need to pray in peace! Click HERE to check out the full story.

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    Uh, gross...... Fat Boy smuggles weed in his FAT!

    This is gross! A fat guy was busted trying to smuggle weed in his fat folds! During a traffic stop, cops found 23 grams of weed tucked in this guys belly! Think of the poor person who unknowingly was gonna smoke this! HAHAHA! Click HERE for the story.

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    I started radio with Casey Kasem. RIP Casey.

    I'm gonna open up and tell you MY history of Radio. First, YES, I was a mechanic. I grew up working at my Dad's shop in Hutchinson. I learned a lot, and also learned I had a big love for music in my heart which eventually pulled me away from the shop. When I was even younger, I would have the radio on my bed's headboard, and listen, and listen, and listen. I would be the irritating kid that would call the DJ's and request songs and win prizes. I would win, then have my Grandpa take me after school to pick em up! I would also wake up early on Sundays and tune in to 106.1 KSKU and listen to "Casey's Top 40". I was mesmerized by Casey and the stories he would tell, and think to myself about being in that chair and talking on the radio just like him. Flash forward.... I was a Junior at Hutchinson High School, and my cousin Wade and I would deliver the morning announcements over the p.a. to the whole school. We were the class clowns. It was then I decided to get a job. I worked at Western Sizzlin for a couple months in addition to Dad's shop. The whole time, I would wear my cassette radio walkman and pretend to be the DJ. One Monday, I thought I would take a shot in the dark and apply for a job at KSKU. I walked in, filled out a app, and literally, the very next weekend, was put in the studio at 6am on Sundays making sure CASEY'S TOP 40 was on the air!!! I was in heaven! I got to be a small part of the operation of CT40! It was amazing! I made it! And here's how long ago that was. The show would arrive at the radio station every week on 4 RECORDS. Yeah, records. I still have a bunch of those in my collection. I did that for a long time before they took a chance and put me on the air (and boy did they regret that.... HAHAHA!!!!) Anyway, 25 years later, we have arrived at this day where Casey Kasem has passed. He will be missed, and I thank him for helping me indirectly get my start in radio. I'll never forget the first time I heard..... "KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND, AND KEEP REACHING FOR THE STARS".

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    WOO!!! The MAXIM HOT 100!

    Short, sweet, to the point. No useless BS from me today, just a ton of HOT CHICKS! Check out the Maxim HOT 100! Click her nose to see the gallery!

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    Dave Chappelle IS ALIVE!

    A few years ago, comedian Dave Chappelle vanished from the planet. He simply stepped away from his hugely successfull TV show, and completely walked away from 50 MILLION DOLLARS! And the big question is why, and where did you go? These questions were KINDA answered last night on the Letterman Show. Dave was a guest, so in my mind, this means he is sliding back slowly into the spotlight for some sort of comeback. At least I hope that's the case. He's a funny mo-fo! Click HERE for the story and video clip from Letterman.

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    Can you believe... OJ Simpson case was 20 years ago!

    I remember it well. I was in college, living with my friends, and I came home to them watching a white Ford Bronco driving on the highway. When I asked what's up, they told me OJ was being chased for possibly killing his wife! DAMN! Hard to believe that was 20 years ago! Click HERE to see a retrospect, and see "where they are now".

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    Is it the NFL, or the MAFIA?

    HA! I saw this and flipped out. When the NFL chooses a host city for the Superbowl, they really put em through the ringer! For example, Minneapolis won the right to host the Super Bowl in 2018. In order for the NFL to come to town, Minneapolis had to, or will have to comply with some tough regulations! Here's just one SMALL example. "If the host hotel's location has inadequate cell phone service, a portable cell phone tower must be erected there to insure quality cell service." THAT'S PROBABLY ONE OF THE SMALL DEMANDS! Crazy! Click HERE to read the full story.

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    COOL Star Wars facts!

    As you all know, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. With episode 7 on the horizon, I am super excited! Today on Yahoo!, I found some really cool Star Wars trivia facts, that I mostly knew, but saw some stuff I DIDN'T know! Click HERE to see 29 facts about STAR WARS!

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    TODAY kicks off the 2014 RIVERFEST!

    Parades, fireworks, funnel cakes, concerts..... F U N! The Wichita Riverfestival kicks off today, and this year, it's gonna be awesome! This weekend, T95 presents DODGEBALL on Saturday, and the RUMBLE BY THE RIVER on Sunday! Then next Saturday night, it's the BLITZKRIEG party with MARKY RAMONE and ANDREW WK! Click the underlined spots above for those events, and click HERE for the full Riverfest details!

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