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    Hank "SHOOTS THE SH**!" with Jeff at Priority Motorsports

    Priority Motorsports is sponsoring a BIG motorcross night on 9/5 at Jeeps Motorcycle Club in Park City! Check out the interview, and find out where to go to get FREE tickets to the event, AND a giftcard!

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    Today is Charlie Sheen's birthday! He is the big 50! And his liver is 98! HA! Enjoy the links and videos! Party on Charlie!

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    Sock Puppet Parody does it again!

    Earlier this year, I gave you some hilarious videos from "Sock Puppet Parody". From Metallica, to Slipknot, these socks really ROCK! They have a new release you've got to see! This time, they do a version of PANTERA'S "WALK". Check it out, and the other great video's they have done! Enjoy killing time at work with these vids!

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    The T95 "BABE OF THE DAY" has been a very popular page on our website. The women are gorgeous, and leave little to the imagination! I had to point out today's babe, Denise Milani. WHOA. You've got to check her out! While you're there, visit the other galleries of hotness! You're welcome! Click the pic to see it full size, and the rest of her photo shoot!

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    David Draiman of DISTURBED talks new album and more.....

    David Draiman of Disturbed sat down with our friends at Loudwire to talk the state of rock music, his thoughts on Gene Simmons quote "rock is dead", and the new album from Disturbed called IMMORTALIZED. Check it out, then enjoy some Disturbed music videos!

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    PEE WEE HERMAN is 63 today!

    Does that make him WRINKLY Pee-wee? HAHA! Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, is 63 today! Did you know Pee-Wee is a big baseball fan? It's true! His favorite teams are the Expos and the Yanks! HAHAHA!!!! Let's go old school today, and watch some old PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE!

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    Xanax for depression? NOPE! Try CAT videos instead!

    According to a recent study, watching cat videos on the internet can be just as effective to help with depression or stress. Uhhhhhh. Check out the story HERE. And if you are stressed or depressed, I am Dr Hank, and I am prescribing the following cat videos. Take two and don't call me in the morning.

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    Hank "SHOOTS THE SH**!" with comedian Jim Short!

    Check out funny guy Jim Short THIS Weekend at the Loony Bin Comedy Club! Click HERE for tickets!

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    Shriners fundraiser tonight at 81 Speedway!

    I talked with Warren Hardy of 81 Speedway about the Shriners fundraiser tonight to benefit the Shriners Hospitals For Children! Shriners burn patient, Harli White, will be racing tonight! Click HERE for details!

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    Happy Birthday to rock legend ROBERT PLANT!

    Robert Plant of LED ZEPPELIN fame, is 67 today! Still lookin good, and still rockin! Although he is still touring, and still sounding as good as ever, it's irritating he WON'T reunite Led Zeppelin! After the death of John Bonham, Plant pulled the plug on the band. Bonham's son, Jason, is a bad-ass drummer, and has sat in and played with Plant, and Plant loves and respects him. So that would be a great answer, but nope. He still won't do it. The world has spoken and said we want this, but it doesn't seem anything will convince him to do it. We still hold our breath, and maybe, just maybe, it could happen. Enjoy the great stuff below as we celebrate Robert Plant's birthday!

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    Scooby Doo meets KISS

    This is AWESOME! Scooby Doo and gang meet up with rockers KISS to help save the earth in the movie called "Rock N Roll Mystery"! Check out the trailer, and check out the story and links.

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    Hank "Shoots The SH**!" with Lori Hart of the Kansas St Fair!

    It's time for the 2015 Kansas State Fair! Click HERE for fair info, concert tickets, and MORE! Listen to my interview with Lori Hart! She's the interim GM of the Fair this year!

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    INTERVIEW: River City Rocks concert

    Currently, Wichita has a handful of outstanding rock bands. Whether you like 80's music, original music, or hard, kick-ass rock, some of these bands are gathering at The Cotillion on August 22nd for a show titled, "RIVER CITY ROCKS"! This is gonna be a kick ass show with 5 bands! Skychief, Big Red Horse, The Banned, Shyner, and KINGSHIFTER! The crazy part? Tickets are just $10.00 right now! They go up to $15 day of show, so get em NOW! Check out the interview, and links to the bands pages to see what they're all about!

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    Burlesque has been around for EVER. It's a beautiful art, you get to see a little skin, and really enjoy some beautiful women! The American Rose Burlesque team is having a show this Saturday night at the Wichita Scottish Rite Theater, and it's called the CINEMA SHAKEDOWN. Check out the interview with a couple of the ladies, and click the links for tickets, pictures, and MORE! Get ready for some BOOZE, POPCORN, and PAISTIES! Doors at 7, show starts at 8!

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    Hulk Hogan is 62 today!

    Hey Brother! It's Hulk Hogan's 62nd birthday today! He once was America's number one wrestler, and now, there is no record of him in the WWE/WWF. A video of Hulk dropping the N-bomb years ago surfaced, and so he was yanked out of the hall of fame, and erased from all affiliated websites..... everything! Click the links below to read all about it.

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    Vinnie Paul talks about the current state of the music industry....

    Vinnie Paul has it right. There are no good bands out there anymore that can call themselves "headliners". Click HERE to read the full story.

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    "Shootin The SH**!" with Hank "The Mechanic"

    Today, I'm talking with the beyond hilarios John Morgan, "The Ragin Cajun". He is performing this weekend at the Loony Bin Comedy Club! You HAVE TO GO! Click the links for his sites, and the Loony Bin site for tickets.

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    RUN TO THE HILLS! It's Bruce Dickenson's B-DAY!

    HELL YEAH! Bruce Dickenson, lead singer of Iron Maiden, is 57 today! Check out the links for some cool Iron Maiden stuff!

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    Scottish Rite Car Show THIS Sunday!

    Wanna see some cool cars, listen to some great live music, and watch a classic movie all in one day?! THIS Sunday, Aug. 9th, the Wichita Scottish Rite, 1st & Topeka, is having a BIG car show! It's a benefit for Rite Care Wichita, which helps audibly and visually impared patients. Check-in is just $20 at 10am, and the show opens to the public at 12n, and runs til 5! The band Shyner will be inside playing, and in the theater, watch GOONIES! The links are below, and listen to my interview with Leroy, of the WSR! See you Sunday! I'll BEEEEEEE THERRRRRRRRE!

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    U2 fans, check this out!

    If you like U2 in the slightest, you're really gonna love this! Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman of 'U Talkin' U2 to Me?' got the opportunity to sit down with U2, and they discuss a bunch of different stuff, from Bono getting further surgery to fix his hand, to including plans for a new album!

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